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Best Valorant Players in 2022 [9. Wardell]

Hazel Wyatt

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Matthew “Wardell” Yu is a Canadian player who used to be a member of TSM, and to put it simply, his job in TSM was to destroy the opposing team by any means necessary. After leaving TSM, he joined Version1 for a brief period as a stand-in. He is a Jett main, like many Duelists, therefore, he doesn’t need much assistance from a controller or sentinel on his squad.


Wardell is an absolute beast in combat and will often single-handedly carry his team. His energy and flair make him one of the most beloved players in the scene and highly entertaining to watch.


He quickly pushes the location while dissipating the powerful protecting angles using smoke. Wardell manoeuvres through an updraft at an odd angle before bursting forward to surprise the adversaries. His team’s morale consistently remains high because of his boundless enthusiasm. Many of the best Valorant teams are keeping an eye out for him because of his restrained aggressiveness and entrance onto venues.

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