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Best Valorant Players in 2022 [7. ShahZam]

Hazel Wyatt

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Here’s yet another former professional CSGO player, and this time it’s the IGL of Sentinels – Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan. ShahZam has established himself as one of Valorant’s greatest IGLs. He swiftly rose through the rankings after moving from CS:GO to Riot’s tactical shooter to establish himself as one of the most motivating players around.


If you’re interested in learning more about agents like Sova, his streams are incredibly instructive. With the Initiator, he is renowned for producing some of the finest plays.


His performances as an IGL have been excellent, even if Sentinels haven’t been at the top for a while. He is even considered by some to be among the top IGLs in Valorant right now. Fans will be awaiting next season to see him in action with a new and refreshed Sentinels.


ShahZaM is a tactical genius. He’s in charge of making important calls during battle, and leading his team to victory. On top of that, he’s extremely versatile. When Sentinels need more map coverage, he can play Sova, but when they need an additional fragger he can always swap to Jett and fill that role. ShahZaM is the glue that keeps Sentinels together, and is one of the reasons this team has been so successful.

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