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Best Valorant Players in 2022 [6. Asuna]

Hazel Wyatt

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Here comes another Duelist, and this time it’s Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk – the most promising player on the 100 Thieves Valorant roster. He has been a part of the club since October 2020, making him the player with the longest tenure. He has remained with the company through good times and bad and is the only member of the current lineup to have represented 100 Thieves abroad.


Despite being renowned for his daring plays against Duelists, Asuna has spent the majority of the year playing an Initiator. The two agents that Asuna frequently chooses are KAY/O & Skye, but he also occasionally chooses Raze, Sage, Fade, or Neon. No matter which one he’s playing – he’s dominating. Asuna is the main fragger for 100 Thieves, and he likes to use Raze’s entire toolkit to crush the enemy teams, utilizing this Agent’s sheer destructive output. He likes to stay in the thick of battle and plays extremely aggressively, which means he’s usually the player who carries the round for 100 Thieves.

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