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Unluckiest People in The World


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Frane Selak




Was this the luckiest or unluckiest guy on the planet? You decide.


Croatian music teacher Frane Selak claimed to have had not one, but seven brushes with death.

Selak’s close calls are said to have included a train crash, being sucked out of an airplane door, surviving a bus crash into a river, two car fires, being hit by a bus, and narrowly avoiding a 300 ft drop after a driving accident.


He is later believed to have had his fortunes turned with a rather large lottery win, which he decided to give away.

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Costis Mitsotakis


The Greek filmmaker, Costis Mitsotakis, is another unfortunate soul often dubbed the ‘world’s unluckiest man.’

The reason?


He was the only resident in a small Spanish village not to win a share of a whopping $922 million jackpot in 2011.

As the only person not to buy an El Gordo lottery ticket, he missed out as all his neighbors cashed in.

So, what did he do — wallow? Of course not. He made a film about it.

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