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Casino And Poker Cheating Scandals


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Counterfeit Chips at Borgata Winter Open


Security scandals are usually connected to casino games, which makes the Borgata story that much more interesting.

Back in 2014, a poker player named Christian Lusardi was arrested for introducing counterfeit chips into a Borgata Winter Open tournament.





According to the reports, Lusardi used the fake chips to top up his stack in the festival’s first event, which had $372,000 reserved for the winner.

Not surprisingly, he came in to the second day of the tournament as the chip leader.

However, Lusardi’s trickery was short-lived. Tournament officials quickly detected the surplus of chips and started an investigation while the event was still ongoing.


In full panic mode, Lusardi tried to get rid of the counterfeits by chucking them down the toilet. Naturally, this clogged the pipes, and it wasn’t long before the cause was traced back to Lusardi’s room.


Investigators found $2.7 million worth of chips in the pipes.

Fake chips were of 5,000 denominations and the tournament had to be stopped.

Lusardi was arrested shortly after at another hotel nearby, and he confessed to introducing $800,000 worth of fake chips into the event.

Lusardi was later charged with a different crime and consequently sentenced to five years in prison, and it seems he’ll never face the trial for the Borgata scandal

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