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Richest Gamblers In The World


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Kerry Packer – $5 Billion



Kerry Packer might have become Australia’s richest man through his family’s business empire, but it’s gambling that he will always be remembered for. This is because Packer always played big.


Part of playing this way is losing huge sums of money and Packer was known to go on some astonishingly bad streaks during his gambling career. 

The most famous of these was over a 10-month period from September 1999 to July 2000 when he lost around $40 million playing in both Crockford’s casino, London and the Bellagio in Las Vegas. 


Fortunately for Packer, he also had the occasional hot streak. Perhaps his greatest gambling achievement came in May 1995 when he won $20 million in only 40 minutes by playing several games of $250,000 stake blackjack at once. 

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Tony Bloom – $1.5 Billion


Tony Bloom – $1.5 Billion.PNG


Like a lot of people who have made their money in the gambling world, Tony Bloom is a bit of a mystery.

What we do know is that he studied mathematics at The University of Manchester and started out playing poker for fun.

Over the years this hobby has won him around $2.5 million and has seen him play in some huge tournaments including the World Poker Tour and Poker Million IX where he finished second.


It was also at the POKER table that Bloom earned himself the nickname “The Lizard” for his cold-blooded style of play.

Most of Bloom’s fortune has not come from poker though. Instead, he has made millions by setting up his own betting consultancy firm, Starlizard.


Many reports say that Starlizard is one of the top betting firms in the world and that it wagers millions of dollars on soccer leagues across the globe.


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Bill Benter – $1 Billion



Another math whizz who has used his intelligence to earn a fortune by gambling is Bill Benter.


Like a lot of young gamblers, Benter started his career counting cards in Las Vegas before turning his attention to horse racing in Hong Kong. 

In partnership with another gambler, Alan Woods, Benter began building an algorithm that could predict a horse’s chance of winning with incredible accuracy.


After a few difficult years and some tweaking, his model eventually began to earn him tens of millions of dollars per year. 

Benter’s most famous win came when his model correctly predicted the Triple Trio, a famous bet in Hong Kong where you must predict the first three horses to cross the line in three separate races. 


Today, Benter is now a billionaire and spends his time giving lectures at universities and donating to charitable causes around the world. 

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