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The Best NFT Games [2. Wizardia (Need Investment)- NFT Games Like Raid Shadow Legends]


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Wizardia Info

  • Released Date: Tournament (Alpha Version)
  • Game publisher: Team Wizardia
  • Game Genre: Turn-Based RPG game
  • Platform: PC


Wizardia is a turned-based NFT game with AAA-quality graphics, this game is not free to play, which means if you want to play this game, you need to buy some wizards to be used in a battle.

Each wizard is classified by three rarities which are Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rare one has the lowest stats and the Legendary has the highest, same as for price the Rare Wizards have the cheapest, and the Legendary is the most expensive one.


Wizards also have different affinities that have their own advantages and disadvantages against other affinities to make the game more balance.

The three affinities are soul, body, and mind. Below are the effects of each affinity in the NFT game Wizardia.


Soul– Soul affinity Wizards have increased damage to mind wizards but decreased damage against Wizards with body affinities.

Body– Wizards with body affinities have increased damage to the soul and reduced damage to mind wizards.

Mind– The third affinity is the mind which has increased damage to the body and reduced its damage when fighting soul wizards.


For the gameplay, If you are familiar with the game Raid Shadow Legends they have a bit of similarity in play style. Both Raid Shadow Legends and Wizardia have turned-based battles that use skills and strategy to win.


How To Earn In Wizardia?

For now, it has different ways to earn from this NFT game, the first one was through selling Wizards NFT, you can use your Wizards in a battle and try to level up your wizards and improve their stats in the game, then you can sell it for a higher price.


Aside from selling, you can also let other players rent your NFT wizards for some passive income, you can also earn through owning Arena Genesis NFT which can give the owner to have some cut from the transaction fee in the Arena or the market in this NFT game.

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