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The Best NFT Games [1. Ethlas (Free to play)- Best NFT Games Yandex]


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Ethlas Info

  • Released Date: November 2021
  • Game Publisher: Team Ethlas
  • Game Genre: Blockchain Casual game
  • Platform: PC only


Do you love playing hyper-casual games? If so, there is a new NFT game where you can earn money by simply playing casual games.


Ethlas is similar to the Yandex Games site where you can play tons of casual games by just visiting the online website. But here in Ethlas, they double the fun by adding rewards such that you can earn money by just playing the games that you love.


Ethlas rewards players with their in-game currency called Gems, which can be obtained based on the player’s effort and performance in the games.


Some of the games include puzzle games like Gem Attack, which is a match-3 game that resembles the popular Candy Crush. And if you are already good at playing Candy Crush or simply play it daily, you can essentially earn money while playing the same game on Ethlas with Gem Attack!


They also have their version of Flappy Bird called Tappy Flappy, and a lot more casual games that you can choose from!


The casual games of Ethlas are just the beginning and there’s a lot more to come in every one of their updates to be released. To stay updated on their new games and features, consider joining their Discord server and following them on social media.

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