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Trollpot 5000 [NetEnt]


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Title: Trollpot 5000
Developer: NetEnt
Reels: 3
Rows: 3
Paylines: 1
RTP: 96.19%
Hit Freq: 6.49%
Max Win: 5,000x
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.02/200
Release Date: Out Now


Now playinghttps://k8.io/games/slots/ntn_trollpot5000



Trollpot 5000: Overview

The cloning/reskin machine at developer NetEnt’s studio saw some prodigious action during 2019. In particular, the task of reskinning vast swathes of their back catalogue for the lucrative Asian market. Trollpot 5000 goes to show that the cloning spirit is still alive and kicking, as the older slot Grand Spinn goes under the knife for a rehash. No exaggerations here, the two are literally identically in everything bar looks and sounds. Quite why the team decided to do so is anyone’s guess at this stage. But hey, here we are so let’s fire up some good old classic slots action to see it do its thing.


If you’ve played Grand Spinn the visceral difference is quite striking. Gone are those wonderfully lifelike bowls of fruit, along with the Art Deco styling. Sadly, that silky foot-tapping track is gone too, taking the whole jazz club vibe along with it. In its place players get a sort of blue arcade location splashed in a bright colour scheme, covered in equally bright charms on the reels. NetEnt's aim, according to themselves, is to convey the feel of land-based casino.




In some ways Trollpot 5000 keeps it basic, in others, it might be more complex than you initially think. One aspect which certainly is simple is its 3x3 fruit slot format with just 1 payline. Playable from 2 p/c to £/€200 per spin, only three of a kind winners are possible here, using an eclectic bunch of symbols like a popped bag of all sorts.


In ascending order, the paytable has Bars, clovers, mushrooms, carvings, stars, and lucky sevens. Hit a combo for a payout ranging from 0.5x for three Bars, up to 10 times the stake for a line of lucky sevens. The game provides a wild symbol that helps in this regard. As well as substituting for any regular symbol, three wilds on the win line are also worth 10 times the stake.


Clearly NetEnt popped the math model from Grand Spinn and dropped it under Trollpot 5000’s hood as each stat is exactly the same. What players get is a high volatility coupled with an RTP of 96.19%. The bulk of RTP is allocated to regular line wins, having the rest spread amongst the three jackpots. As is typically the case with fruit slots, the hit frequency is low on 6.49%, but when you see how some of the features work, it kind of makes sense.





Trollpot 5000: Features


Along with fixed jackpots, Trollpot 5000 has a couple more rather nifty tricks up its sleeve - such as the Nudge feature. Nudges are a fairly common slots feature, but few nudge quite as vigorously as Trollpot 5000’s do, or as frequently. In fact, every time there is a winning combination on the reels, the game activates the Nudge feature. It starts on the 1st reel which will continue to nudge until a new symbol replaces the original winning symbol.




During this process, new winning combos continually rack up wins. Then, the pattern is repeated for the 2nd reel, followed by the 3rd reel. Keep an eye out for the arrow symbols at the the top of a reel that has come to rest. If triggered, the reel reverses direction, heading back the way it came. The process is then repeated as described above in the new direction.


Trollpot 5000 also comes with Multiplier Wilds which are represented by the big smiling jester. Wilds substitute for all symbols except the arrow or jackpot symbols, offering boosters of x2, x4, or x8.


The last cherry on top is the 3 fixed jackpotsthe Mini, Midi, and Mega. When all of the reels have completed their nudging process, players may find jackpot symbols at the top of the reels. Should each reel have a jackpot symbol, then you win the smallest jackpot in view. That means all three Mega symbols must be present to win the Mega Jackpot; otherwise, any smaller jackpot will be awarded. The amounts available are 20x, 100x or 5,000x the stake for the Mini, Midi, or Mega respectively.




Trollpot 5000: Verdict

Leaving aside the opinion Trollpot 5000 seems like a senseless exercise in cloning, there is quite a lot about the game which fans of this style might appreciate. On paper, the obvious element is probably the jackpots, but the nudge feature is a real star, and when it goes off, it really goes off. Reels nudge seemingly without end, especially if you are lucky enough to turn up an arrow – then you get a repeat performance, racking everything up in reverse order. A clever feature indeed, and one hard to not like when you’ve seen it in action.


For now, Trollpot 5000 is only available in the 3 fixed jackpots configuration, unlike Grand Spinn’s more attractive progressive option. There is no official mention of Trollpot 5000 joining in, though time will tell if it jacks into the progressive network at some point down the line.


Despite all the positives, it’s a little unusual that NetEnt decided to clone Grand Spinn of all slots. Sure, when it’s a reskin for the Asian market it makes sense to chase the Yen and Yuan, but Trollpot 5000 is more or less the same sort of style as the original. For fans of the classic slot format, choosing which one to play comes down to a coin toss. Unless you prefer the dulcet jazzy tones of Grand Spinn, there isn’t much separating the two.




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