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This is one of the most popular dice gambling games online, and it is also widely available at land-based casinos. It is also one of the most classic table games that are fun and do not require special skills. That’s why many newbies and first-time players prefer Craps tables at the best low-stakes online casinos that allow bets as low as £0.5.


You can start playing Craps by placing the Pass Line Bet, the most quintessential type of bet on this gambling game with dice. All you need to do is to shake and rattle a pair of dice, and if you roll 7 or 11, you will enjoy the high payout of this type of bet.


Yet, this is only a good beginner bet and if you look closely at the table of Craps, you will see that it is full of different betting fields. 

The game of Craps is mostly available with live dealers and this is another one of its strongest sides. This means a very realistic Vegas-style gambling experience with a tonne of fun. Moreover, if you play Craps at the top real money roulette sites, you will also be able to win real money if you get lucky.

This is great because the game of Craps is also known as a casino game that allows bets with very high odds. For example, an Extra Wager bet that the box point will be rolled before a 7 is the best bet in Craps, as the house has no edge.


The Come bets are also very appealing, as their rules are similar to the Pass Line Bets, we mentioned earlier. When you become more experienced when rolling the dice and you are convinced that kissing them brings luck, then you should also try bets like Big 6, Big 8, Buy Bets, and Horn Bets.

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