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Key Differences Between Online Blackjack Games


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Blackjack online games are readily available, and you will have a difficult time finding an online casino that doesn’t offer them. Everyone’s favourite casino table game has easily been adapted for the virtual format. Over the last decades, many different varieties of blackjack games have appeared at gambling sites in the UK. Of course, there are certain differences between the online version and the real thing. Below, we will outline some of the specifics of blackjack games online.


RNG Blackjack Games




RNG games refer to virtual titles backed by special gambling software. They are created by online casino software providers and distributed over the Internet by gambling sites. These games greatly resemble the ones that you would find on your phone’s app store.


The most significant factor of playing RNG blackjack games is that you are doing so alone at the table. There are no other players to get in the way, and you can take your time as much as you need to. This format allows developers to create a wide range of different blackjack variations. In fact, you will find a significant variety of software-based blackjack titles.

Something else that you need to consider is that the deck is always shuffled after each hand. No matter how many hands were dealt the previous round, they are always returned to the deck. This effectively eliminates the opportunity to count cards. Therefore, if advantage play is your goal, you will need to shift strategies. There are basic strategy models for each blackjack variation, but it will take some getting used to not remembering the played cards.

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Live Dealer Blackjack Games




Live dealer blackjack online games are designed to closely resemble the real thing at land-based venues. You have a dealer, a physical table and a shoe of cards. The action is streamed over the Internet to your device, and everything happens in real time. This allows online casinos to replicate the land-based casino experience as much as possible.


Live blackjack is arguably the most popular form of casino gaming after slots. Often, you will find that online casinos feature dozens of blackjack tables to accommodate customers. Unlike RNG blackjack games online, their live dealer counterparts feature a limited number of seats. There can only be so many players at the table, and the limit is usually around seven.

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