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Bitcoin Price Prediction as 24-Hour Trading Volume Blasts Past $30 Billion – BTC to the Moon?


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Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Its price has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few months, with its 24-hour trading volume recently blasting past $30 billion. This has led to speculation that Bitcoin could be headed for the moon.


Bitcoin Price Prediction as 24-Hour Trading Volume Blasts Past $30 Billion – BTC to the Moon..PNG

Blockstream Raises $125M for Bitcoin Mining


Blockstream, a provider of digital asset infrastructure, has raised $125 million to fund its Bitcoin mining co-location services, demonstrating the rise in demand for institutional hosting during the bear market.


Blockstream announced on January 24 that the financing was backed by a convertible note and a secured loan. Furthermore, the funds will be used to expand the firm's bitcoin mining operations. Bitcoin users are financially rewarded for securing the network through mining.

Miners use special, energy-intensive technology to create Bitcoin's next block, for which they are rewarded with a fixed amount of Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin's market value falls, so do the dollar-denominated profits available to miners, forcing all but the most cost-effective firms to exit the market. The typical miner, however, may profit from the recent BTC/USD surge.

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