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Know Your Audience to Capture Traffic


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This is where knowing your audience is so important. Each affiliate site has a unique community of readers, and your content needs to appeal to those communities.

First off, contact the site managers to ask about their focus. They will know who visits their pages and the kind of content they expect. Read a few successful articles on each site to get a feel for the style they use and the subjects they cover (of course, with a new spin/angle).

After that, write or commission content that is audience-centered. Every paragraph -- every phrase -- should appeal to the reader. Content should offer relevant data and solutions and adopt a tone that is appropriate for the audience involved.

So, if you're writing an article comparing derivatives of currency trading portals for sports betting sites, it's probably a good idea to keep the language fairly technical. Conversely, if you're writing a piece on the history of poker in the movies, you can loosen up. It's all about serving a particular audience.

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