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Roulette Secret


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Online Roulette Offers More to the Player


Let’s start with perhaps the biggest roulette secret of them all, albeit one that is subjective.


I’ve played at casinos around the world. From New Zealand to Mexico, I have been fortunate enough to experience how things work behind the thin veneer of various cultures. And while I certainly had some fun, I’d take real money online roulette any day of the week.


One of the best-held secrets of roulette is that you get a better shake when playing online. Without pointing fingers at any particular land-based casinos, there is just so much more to love about playing from the comfort of your own home.


  • You don’t get coughed on or have your privacy invaded by other players.
  • Anyone can choose to play multiple different live roulette and RNG titles.
  • Online casinos offer welcome bonuses and other promotions.
  • Games are much faster and less hassle.
  • You’ll avoid any unfortunate discrepancies as everything is recorded.

This might not sound like one of the biggest roulette secrets you’ll ever hear. But it’s a good ground to establish the foundation of what is coming!

Another good general gambling secret that didn’t make the cut? You can never have enough reliable online casinos to turn to. If you’re in need of a new one (or more), consider the following options.

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Flawed Roulette Wheels Get the Boot


Moving on to the more unknown roulette secrets, here’s one that few are aware of.

Many land-based roulette wheels have a shelf-life that depends on usage and proper care. If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas or any other major gambling hub, the chances of you sharing the same table with someone trying to exploit faulty wheels are high.

I’ve read about supposed “roulette secrets” mentioning how old wheels can be taken advantage of. Even if you do come across one, it is nigh on impossible to predict where the ball will fall.


As soon as the dealer, pit boss, or anyone else in the house notices a flaw in the hardware, it’s off to the scrap heap!

Many of these wheels will be later sold on as “vintage” items. Some of the ones from the mid to late 20th century look pretty cool!

There are secrets about roulette that most casinos will never disclose. The details of their wheels is one of them.

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Avoid American Roulette at All Costs

One of the top secrets to playing roulette is to give the American version the wide berth.

Unpatriotic? Not at all. American-made products should make you proud. But any roulette wheel with two zeroes is not one of them. In fact, you’re paying almost double the privilege of playing with a double zero.


In other words, the house edge on an American roulette wheel (likely made in Italy) comes in at 5.26% to 2.70% on a European variant. And there’s more: the return to player (RTP) is 94.74% on a straight bet compared to 97.30% on the latter.


If you compare these odds and edges to European roulette, as we’ll do in the next section, I’m sure you will notice a huge difference.


As far as roulette secrets go, this is not something a casino would be happy for you to know about. And why would they?

I’ll dive specifically into why European Roulette is king in a second, but if you want a full breakdown between the two options, consider checking out this post.

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