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Are Online Casinos Allowed to Keep Your Winnings?


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Can online casinos refuse to pay you your money? By now, you know the answer is yes.


But no site should hold on to your money unnecessarily. This includes delays in paying out or flat-out refusing to honor withdrawals. But one thing you should always remember is who is responsible for providing licensing and regulation provisions.


For this reason, it is incumbent on the player to ensure they are playing at online sites that are fully licensed and regulated. I frequently make a point of driving this factor home to anyone looking to gamble for real money online for the first time. But even inexperienced players can get caught out.


I vividly remember reading an online post from a “Mr. X” crudely titled “Can casino refuse payout?” This was a few years ago, and unfortunately; I couldn’t find it before writing this piece.

The query read as a player asking others can online casinos keep the money you won. Respondents asked about the site the anonymous poster was playing on, how much was outstanding, and other pertinent details.


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