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Charles Wells


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In the gambling business, you often earn fame for winning large sums of money. Bonus points are given if you break the casino’s bank and someone writes a song about you. This is the case of Charles Wells, a well-known English swindler.


Mr. Wells made headlines in 1891 when he broke the bank at the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. In this case, ‘breaking the bank’ means that a particular gaming table ran out of cash reserves, and play needed to be suspended.


Wells received a lot of publicity for this feat, though his past frauds sullied his victory as speculation that he had cheated arose.

He claimed to use an ‘infallible system’, perfected over time. No cheating could be proven when he won the money, and now 130 years later, the truth has long been buried with him. As for his system, it proved not as infallible as he claimed. A year later, in 1892, he once again played at Monte Carlo but quickly found himself 100,000 francs poorer. Regardless, Charles Wells is remembered as one of the most successful professional roulette players in history.

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