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Roulette Odds – Better Than Any Gambler


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Roulette Odds – Better Than Any Gambler.PNG


All of the best roulette players know that roulette comes in two main varieties – European and American. The former features a house edge of 2.7%, whereas, with the latter, the casino’s cut is 5.27%. So, given these odds and an inability to influence them, what happens after placing thousands of roulette bets? On average, the casino keeps 2.7% or 5.27% of the turnover.


The odds of the game are insurmountable. There is no way to do away with them. Even roulette players who apply the best roulette betting systems bow down before the mathematical superiority of the house edge. In practice, roulette is a table version of a slot machine. The size of your winnings will only correlate with your personal luck.


If you look at our list of the richest gamblers, you will find that none of the individuals played roulette professionally. All of them chose gambling products where they can have input on the game or the opportunity to turn the odds. This is simply not possible with roulette. Well, that is not strictly true, which leads us to our next point – roulette cheats.




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