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Space Wars 2 Powerpoints [NetEnt]


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Title: Space Wars 2 Powerpoints
Developer: NetEnt
Reels: 6
Rows: 6-8
Paylines: 3
RTP: 96.05%
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: 10020x
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: €0.2/€100
Release Date: Jun 30, 2022


Now playinghttps://k8.io/games/slots/ntn_spacewars2powerpoints


Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Overview


Space Wars 2 Powerpoints is a new casino slot from NetEnt where we get to take part in a fond reunion with these colorful space creatures. It was already back in 2013 that we were introduced to the slot Space Wars, where a very impressive, Pixar-like, graphics and animation had been created. The game was filled with many entertaining elements and quickly caught the attention of many players. Despite its many active years, it is still a popular game among players, and it is therefore incredibly exciting that a sequel has finally been made. Let's visit this site and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.



Space Wars 2 Powerpoints is a video slot from NetEnt that features 6 reels and 6 to 8 rows. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol type on either a horizontal or vertical line, where winning combinations will disappear and make room for new ones to fall down. You can choose between making a Min.bet of 0.20 and a Max.bet of 100. The game has been created with two different RTPs, where there is an RTP of 96.05% by default but some gaming operators may also choose to use an RTP of 92%. Space Wars 2 Powerpoints has a high volatility, where you can win up to 10020X the bet.

Within this space adventure, we have a couple of festive features to help us in our quest for the bigger wins. The features are Powerpoints, Column/Row Blaster, Zapper, Bomb, Wilds, Combos, Free Spins and Bonus Buy.


Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Information


The design of the game is a space theme, where we meet a bunch of weird, wonderful and vibrant space creatures. In the background of the reels, we can see a big planet with rocks floating around, but the focus quickly turns to the reels where a big color splash has been applied to the symbols. You can play this slot on all the devices mobiles, desktops and notepads. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol type in lines that are either horizontal or vertical. When a win is created, the winning combinations will disappear from the reels and then new symbols will fall down to make room for new wins to be created.


The lower paying symbols are space rocks in the colors green, blue, yellow, orange and purple. The medium paying symbols are the Aliens in the colors green, blue, yellow, orange and purple. The highest paying symbol is a ruby-colored crystal. During the spins you will also be able to land bomb, wild, multiplier wild, zapper and column/row blaster symbols. Let's find out what the features do.





Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Features


What is the max win in the slot Space Wars 2 Powerpoints?

You can win up to 10020X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Space Wars 2 Powerpoints?

The features are Powerpoints, Column/Row Blaster, Zapper, Bomb, Wilds, Combos, Free Spins and Bonus Buy.





When you create a winning combination, it will generate powerpoints which are added to a meter. By adding to this meter, you will be able to reach different levels, where they have an increasing win multiplier that is applied to the wins created.

Column/Row Blaster
When you create a winning horizontal line that has 4 symbols, the Column Blaster feature is activated. Then all symbols except wild and feature symbols will disappear from its row. This will increase the powerpoint collect meter and if you create a win with 4 symbols that are vertical, it will instead activate the Row Blaster which has similar properties, with the difference being that it's reel will be affected instead.


When you create a win with 5 or 6 symbols within the base game, you will receive a Zapper symbol. Depending on whether it was 5 or 6 symbols you had, this symbol does the following:


  • 5-symbols = 1 to 4 symbol types will disappear from the reels.
  • 6-symbols = 3 to 4 symbol types will disappear from the reels.


A win with 5, 6, 7 or 8 symbols within the bonus game, will give you a Zapper symbol which activates its feature.


When a win is created with both horizontal and vertical lines with the same symbol type, you will receive a bomb symbol. When this bomb symbol is placed out, all symbols except wild and feature symbols, which are around this symbol, will be removed from the reels. This will then fill the collect meter and if there is a multiplier wild symbol around this bomb symbol, then the total amount of powerpoints created will be multiplied by the multiplier that the symbol has.


The game's wild symbols help to enable more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols. When you create a win with 3 symbols, a wild symbol will be placed in any of these three positions. Within the base game, only normal wild symbols can be created, but within the bonus game, the wilds can also receive multipliers of either 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 10X or 25X. Each time a multiplier wild is included in a win, the powerpoints will be multiplied by its multiplier.





If you land the Column/Row Blaster, Zapper or Bomb symbols adjacent, they will combine into a more powerful feature.


Combo 1 (Column/Row Blaster + Bomb) = If you land these symbols on adjacent positions either horizontally or vertically, all symbols, except wild and feature symbols, will disappear on the reels corresponding to the blaster symbol.

If it is a Column Blaster that has landed, the symbols from its column will disappear, as well as the symbols on the reels to the left and right of that column. If it is a Row Blaster, the symbols on that row and also the symbols on the rows to the right and left of it will disappear.


Combo 2 (Zapper + Bomb) = If you land these symbols on adjacent positions, either horizontally or vertically, 1 to 3 symbols will be transformed into bomb symbols along with the zapper symbol.


Combo 3 (Zapper + Column/Row Blaster) = If you land these symbol types on adjacent positions, either horizontally or vertically, then 1 to 3 symbol types will randomly transform into either Row or Column Blaster symbols.


Free Spins

By collecting 1000 or more powerpoints, the free spins feature will be activated. The rows will increase to 8 during this bonus game, and depending on the amount of powerpoints, will result in you being able to receive different amounts of free spins from the start. You can obtain additional free spins within this free spins feature and here you will again be able to take advantage of the different feature symbols.





Bonus Buy
If you want to take advantage of the free spins feature right away, you can use the bonus buy option. You can then choose to pay 75X, 140X or 250X the bet which will give you 8, 12 and 16 free spins respectively.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Verdict

It's certainly a pleasant return to these space creatures, where they give the player a warm welcome. The previous version was certainly a good warm-up, since this version is far more action-packed. There are many different events that occur during the course of the game, and it can be a lot to grasp at first, but as time goes on things become clearer and the great variety makes the gaming experience very amusing. There's a very pleasing and cleverly crafted design that we get to experience here, which was also a key component of the previous version.


Once you start spinning the reels, wins will be able to be generated when there are 3 or more on either a vertical or horizontal line. This will then result in the winning symbols being collected into a meter and then new symbols falling down to cover the empty positions, similar to the cascading feature within Megaways slots. What you are aiming for is to accumulate 1,000 or more powerpoints which will activate the lucrative bonus game. To make the journey to those 1000 powerpoints easier, various feature symbols can be activated. Depending on the number of symbols within the winning lines, different features are activated and the thing that can give incredible boosts, is if you manage to create feature combos. Like a snowball that is rolling, a spin can be very lengthy and give higher wins the longer it goes, and things like this make the gaming experience very nerve-wracking many times.


It's a good size on the RTP, assuming it's the higher by default that's used, and the potential maximum win is also within a big size that can yield great wins. There is a high volatility and players should be prepared for the balance to shift significantly over the course of the game. All in all, it's a soothing slot that has received a great boost with more features, greater stats and finely calibrated graphics.


Space Wars 2 Powerpoints is a slot from NetEnt where, along with a bunch of colorful space creatures, we collect powerpoints that can activate a crazy bonus game.




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