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Weekly Tourney : Big Bass Bonanza [Pragmatic Play]


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big bass bonanza.png

  • Game time: 1/23(Monday) to 1/29(Sunday)
  • Prize pool: 100 USDT
  • Ranking:
  1. 50 USDT [BTC] K8 AirDrop CODE
  2. 30 USDT [BTC] K8 AirDrop CODE
  3. 20 USDT [BTC] K8 AirDrop CODE

NOW PLAYING Big Bass Bonanza [Pragmatic Play]

Game Rules:

Play any slot games every week, do not calculate the amount of bets, just look at the winning rate to compare the level, the minimum winning rate must be higher than 200X
+10% bonus multiplier for playing recommended slot game
Participants need to link the game replay record link to the reply article on the designated page and leave the k8 account number and betting uuid number; players can reply to the article repeatedly, and the highest score will be the main multiple.


Bonus Policy:

  • The ranking calculation will be issued within 7 natural working days after the game UTC+8 time with a K8 AirDrop CODE , only can use at K8.io
  • The cumulative bet must be greater than the equivalent of 10U or more
  • The participating k8 account must not be the same login device and login ip account, once found to use multiple accounts to participate in the website has the right to cancel its award qualification
  • The winning K8 account must pass the 2-level KYC verification, bind the email address, and bind the mobile phone number

How to get your game reply link from Game Provider :Pragmatic Play

How to get your Bet number code from K8.io

Example of replying to a post:




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Good day, here are the winners for this event.

Big Bass Bonanza Weekly Tourney

1. onizuka $50 BTC

2. jaideeyu - $30 BTC

3. karisutoro $20 BTC


Prizes will be given within the day through personal message.

If you have question, please contact customer support on the K8 website.

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