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YapzOr & Gorgc Compare Nisha & MATUMBAMAN’s Impact Within Team Liquid [Dota2]

Luna Ramsay

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During a watchalong livestream, well-known livestreamer Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski and Team Secret’s current inactive player, Yazied "YapzOr" Jaradat discussed the difference between Lasse "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen and Michał "Nisha" Jankowski’s impact within Team Liquid. Yapzor previously had experience playing with the latter during his time with Team Secret before going into inactivity to recover from health issues last year.


As of late, YaozOr has been joining Gorgc’s coverage stream of the Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit (WEU DPC) stream as a watchalong guest.


“I think it’s different this time for Liquid” - Yapzor & Gorgc talks about MATUMBAMAN’s & Nisha’s impact

During the livestream Gorgc and YapzOr talked about Team Liquid’s amazing performance in the regional league at the moment. Gorgc believes that there was a massive difference in Team Liquid’s performance compared to the previous season.

“Team Liquid’s on their honeymoon phase, let’s see how long it will last. Because Liquid did actually look like a good team last season however their performances at LAN events have not been convincing with losses.”

He then pointed out that Nisha’s instantaneous impact upon joining Team Liquid was more noticeable, compared to MATUMBAMAN’s performance during the previous season. However, he mentioned that he had the utmost respect for both players.

“I think it’s different this time for Liquid. I mean, no offense to Matu [MATUMBAMAN] but I think Nisha is just too good. Like Matu’s one of the best players in the world, but Nisha’s impact on Team Liquid is just that good.” 

YapzOr however noted that it is difficult to compare the two players, since both players had made massive impacts on Team Liquid in different roles.

“For me, it’s not easy to compare. Like Nisha currently plays in the midlane [which has made an impact]. Like Matu from last season made a massive impact on carry, however miCKe was not that noticeable in the midlane.”


Team Liquid has not dropped a single game and is currently on top of the WEU DPC standings with 4 consecutive wins. The team still has three more games left. Nigma Galaxy will be Liquid’s next scheduled opponent on 20th January. The next win for Liquid will most likely guarantee the team a direct qualification for the upcoming Lima Major.

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