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I made these two observations and discounted them immediately because I’m educated. I have an advanced degree. I kept playing, bet lost, bet lost. I ordered a second drink. I was down to $4 when I took my first look at the rules of roulette. I learned you can bet a third of the table numbers 1-12, 13-24 and 25 to 36. In two bets you can hedge two-thirds of the table. You could also bet corners, meaning I could bet $1 on numbers 1,2,4,5. It paid 8 to 1. If a cluster hit I win 8 bucks. And I can hedge by betting a the other two thirds of the table. I saw a cluster form 1-8. I bet on four of those numbers and hedged 13-36 with two more dollars. A total bet of $3 wins $8 if the cluster hits. Or I get your money back if it lands on 13-36. I lose on 10 numbers, break even on 24 numbers, and win $5 on clusters that seems to be hitting repeatedly.

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