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Daniel Negreanu – The Ambassador of Poker


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Daniel Negreanu has a fantastic life story which we find inspiring for any person with a vision of his future. He was born in Romania, but his family moved to the USA at the age of seven and later on to Toronto, Canada.


This was the beginning of Daniel’s journey. At this time, he was not aware yet of his true passion – poker, but he was known as a “risky player”.

In his teenage years, Daniel was quite a trouble. He was numerous times reported for bad behaviour and disobeying school rules. Even as a kid, he dreamed of being rich and living in California, and eventually, his dreams came true.


The first time he got close to a gambling circle was when he was 16. He was spending a lot of time at sports betting and pool halls, where he picked up the gambling habit.


At 18, he was already a skilled player, but nobody was yet considering him as a future hall of famer. At the age of 22, he collected the needed money to make his trip to Las Vegas, but you know the drill – the first attempt always fails.


That’s how he returned to Toronto to start building a bankroll again. If you like to read more about Daniel  Negreanu, this is the place.

His first significant win was the WSOP in 1998, when he took a prize of almost $170,000, but this was only the beginning for him. He won another five bracelets in 2003, 2004, 2008, 2013 Asia and 2013 Europe. He was awarded Card Player of the Year in 2004, 2005 and 2013. His overall winnings go above 40 million, while his biggest win was in 2014, when he won $8 million by taking second place in the Big One of One Drop tournament.




Daniel Negreanu is one of the world’s best poker players of our time, not only for his professional achievements but also because he became an ambassador of poker worldwide. While some poker legends competed mainly in the USA, Daniel followed all major competitions worldwide. Plus, his fluent English and inspiring life story helped him bring more attention to himself and the poker industry of our time.


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