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Phil Hellmuth – The King of Poker


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Born in 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin, Phill Hellmuth grew up as an outsider. He says that he struggled a lot in the local high school, not only with his grades but with socialisation too.


After graduating from Madison High School, Phill moved to the University of Wisconsin to get a higher degree but eventually dropped out. This was the moment when he decided that he would chase a career as a professional poker player.


At this point (the late 1980s), there were few places where you could play pro poker regularly, which was an obstacle for gamblers back in the day. In 1989 Phil Hellmuth became one of the youngest winners of the WSOP tournament. Therefore, he was nicknamed – the brat.


The accumulated ¾ of a million from the 89 WSOP was enough for him to settle in Palo Alto, California and in 1992 to marry Katherine Sanborn.

This was only the beginning for Phil. Between 1989 and 2015, he was most active and able to acquire over $25 million from live tournaments only. Up to this date, he is the person that holds the most WSOP bracelets – 16.


He was able to play against and beat some other of the best poker players of all time that we will mention down the road, like Doyle Brunson, Chris Ferguson, Chip Reese, Daniel Negreanu and many more.


Phil Hellmuth – The King of Poker.PNG



Undoubtedly, Phil Hellmuth is among the best poker players at the time. Still, due to the fast-changing digital environment and constantly improving online services, many new rising stars are ready to compete and reach the top. The truth is that Phil is not so active and has not been thriving in the last couple of years, but we give it to the fact that he is already 58 years old and has two sons to care for.









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