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How do you pick a winning slot machine?

Hazel Wyatt

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You can’t pick a guaranteed to win slot machine as you don’t know what the result of playing it will be. However, you are able to give yourself a few more chances of winning.


If you decide to play online, many online casinos give out free spins to new players. These allow a player to spin a slot a certain number of times without using their own money to bet. Some casinos give out a batch of free spins when you sign up, make a deposit, or both.

In essence, free spins grant you more opportunities to spin a slot and see if you win. However, most of them have a term called the wagering requirement. This prevents you from withdrawing what you win to your account straight away. Instead you have to place more bets until you reach a specific amount.

For example, if you won £10 with free spins that had a wagering requirement of x30, you would then need to use that £10 to place more bets until you had bet £300 overall (£10 x 30 = £300). If you manage to do this then the leftover money you have will turn into real money that you can withdraw.

Of course, the problem is that there’s a high chance you’ll lose the bonus money before you complete the wagering requirements. But free spins does give you that extra chance of being able to win something. If you make a deposit, some online casinos let you play with your own money first. This is often more beneficial. Because if you win then it is paid as real money which you can withdraw. If you lose your own money then the free spins act as a second chance.

Remember that above all, gambling should always be done for fun. Please gamble responsibly.

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