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Top Tips for Playing at an Online Casino

Hazel Wyatt

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1. Choose Your Game

In many ways, successful gamblers must adopt a similar mindset to investors, particularly when starting out and determining how best to utilise their money.

More specifically, it’s important for gamblers to focus on playing one or two online casino games, rather than taking a scattergun approach and spreading their bankroll across a host of different verticals.

This enables you to fully get to grips with the rules and associated practice lots, while it also makes it far easier to develop a viable betting strategy that can be managed seamlessly over an extended period of time.

Of course, you can always build the range of games that you play over time, particularly as you become more skilled and experienced online.


2. Make Bankroll Management a Key Focus

Another benefit to playing just a couple of games when starting out is that this makes it far easier to manage and deploy your bankroll, particularly when wagering with relatively small amounts of cash.

Make no mistake; effective bankroll management is key to any successful gambler, as without this it’s impossible to either enjoy extended periods of gameplay or optimise the value of any wins that you’re ultimately able to earn.

The key is to set an initial bankroll that’s within your financial means, as you should never look to spend more than you can afford to lose as a gambler.

Then, you can begin to plan your activity and create a viable, single betting unit, which should dictate individual stake amounts in a sustainable way (and also help to avoid issues such as problem gambling).


3. Develop a Betting Strategy

When starting out, we’d recommend that you set a modest betting unit and stake a consistent amount with every spin, turn of the wheel or drawing of a card.

However, you can build on this betting unit as part of a more progressive betting strategy over time, which can be either positive or negative in its nature.

With a positive progression betting strategy, you’ll increase your wager by a single betting unit every time you achieve a win. Conversely, a negative progression strategy requires you to incrementally increase your stake with every loss, theoretically optimising the value of every single win.

The former is ideal for more risk-averse players with smaller bankrolls, whereas high-rollers with an appetite for risk are more likely to adopt the latter approach in pursuit of bigger wins.

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4. Use Bonuses to Your Advantage

As the iGaming market in India (and indeed across the globe) has continued to grow, so too the competition between international operators has increased.

It’s this that has inspired increasingly lucrative welcome bonuses in India, from huge deposit match offers and free spins to no-deposit promotions that reward players within completely complimentary gameplay.

You can compare the best welcome bonuses from a number of operators on our website, enabling you to make an informed decision based on your risk appetite, bankroll and preferred gaming vertical.

Just remember to factor in any potential wagering requirements before opting into a welcome offer, while we’d also recommend checking out the operator in question to review their full range of games and any additional promotions that they may be running.

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5. Beware of Gambling Fallacies

Gambling is strewn with fallacies, which many players have fallen foul of throughout the year.

For example, there’s a tendency for players to have their judgement impaired by so-called ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ streaks, creating a scenario where you play for longer than planned to either build on a string of successful wagers or recoup a series of losses.

However, the fact remains that the outcomes of games of chance remain entirely random, with any synchronicity in results purely coincidental.

With this in mind, it’s important to adhere to your bankroll and betting strategy as much as possible, while avoiding fallacies and placing wagers based purely on emotion.

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