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Types Of Video Production


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Promotional videos




Many industries have benefited from technology development. More precisely, it made easier the process of promoting their products online. Nowadays, promotional videos are very popular. Logically, as people spend most of their time on their devices surfing on the Internet, there is no better way to present them some content than to promote it online through short videos. Different industries and companies can actually save their money by using videos in their marketing. The main purpose of the promotional videos is to include the most relevant information with engaging and interesting content with a short length and a strong message. Only in that way, it can influence people and intrigue them to think about the content they saw. 


However, it is important to say that there is a difference between the promotional videos and advertisements we see daily on our TVs. When it comes to the promotional video, a viewer by himself chooses to watch the content. In other words, it is up to the person whether he wants to watch it. Also, they can stop watching the video any time they want to. On the other hand, TV commercial and video ads are turned on without the viewer’s approval. 


The main goal of the promotional videos is to target a specific audience and give them the solution for a certain problem. In other words, these videos are made to help the viewers with their needs and to change their actions. The promotional video must have value in order to attract the viewer to take the action and to influence positively on his/her perspective. For instance, the viewer will like the content, so he/she will share and like the video or purchase something that the video sells. 


Some examples of promotion videos are Event, Explainer, Product-Review, Giveaway, etc. All of them boost sales in different ways. Using all of them may be the best option.

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Educational videos




As the title says, the main purpose of educational videos is to give to the viewers the opportunity to understand the concept and learn something from it. Studies show that people absorb the given information better from video sources than textual long-form content. This phenom is explained by the fact that we are receiving, understanding, and memorizing better the content through visual and sound interaction. Two science models prove this statement including multi-modal learning and dual-coding theory. 

When it comes to educational videos, we can say with certainty that educational videos have a big impact on increasing viewer’s abilities to learn something. These video types go further than just giving the information. More precisely, they are created to represent to the people the importance of some occurrence as well as their main points. The whole content is well-discussed and explained to the audience, not leaving the space for them to interpret the lining. What makes this video type so popular is the fact that it can bring such complex ideas and approaches in a most simple way in order to educate the audience. As a result, people get a clear message and an awareness of some content in a way worth paying attention to. 


In the further text, you will see some of the educational video examples, so you can have a clearer picture of what they refer to. 

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Documentary film and videos


Documentary film and videos.PNG



The main purpose of making documentary videos and films is to document some event, an occurrence that happened in reality with the education, historical and informational characteristics. This type of video needs to have entraining content in order to attract viewers. Only in that way, it can become popular. Usually, they are short, so it would not be very tiring for people when they watch it.


There are actually three different documentary types including an observational type that does not have narration along the way, an expository that has narration aspect, and the participatory type with the main character in it.


Different types of documentaries such as performative, expository, and poetic are good examples of that. They can provide people with different types of information and improve their knowledge in an entertaining way.



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Entertainment videos




When we are talking about this last video type, we must say that they have the only purpose – to intrigue people and entertain them. There is no limit when it comes to making entertainment videos which means they can include different genres, purposes, contains and goals. A good example of that is streaming platforms that people use to make their free time more entertaining almost every day. 



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