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[Tuesday] 3$ giveaway for posting on a specific page in Suggestion


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[Tuesday] 3$ giveaway for posting on a specific page in Suggestions

  1. Limited to the first 100 participants on Tuesday. Each participant will receive 3$. This prize is limited to the top 100 participants every Tuesday. Extra giveaway: When there are 100 participants, an additional 100$ will be distributed to 10 random participants!
  2. posting rules:Posts must be related to suggestions and feedback on K8.io website, with at least 50 words in a post accompanied with at least one picture/video.
  3. participation method:Copy the link of your original post and reply with the link in the designated page, and k8.io username  to take part. Live Support team will distribute the Airdrop codes after verification is complete.

specific page :https://www.k8forum.io/forum/13-suggestions/

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