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Europe Gambling Law


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United Kingdom – Most Liberal Law on Gambling in Europe


Brexit didn’t bring a major change in how gambling is conducted in the UK. It remains one of the most liberal territories on Earth regarding gaming opportunities. Players and legislature are so in tune there that the former don’t even need to pay a tax on their winnings. Sports bettors and casino players have free rein on what and how they want to play for real money. Sure enough, everyone involved needs to be of legal age and to only put money in facilities licensed by the UK Gambling Commission such as the TOP BRITISH GAMBLING SITES.





However, Northern Ireland is a horse of a different colour. Northern Ireland’s Assembly is the legislature of the country, which has the power to create laws in many areas of governance, including gambling. With the blessing of the Assembly, The Betting, Gaming, Lotteries & Amusements Order of 1985 is still the main piece of gambling legislation in the country. For that reason, competitions, where prize money is at stake, are illegal if the skill is not the deciding factor. This is where sports betting crosses legal boundaries in Northern Ireland – one of the main differences with the UK.


Gambling Laws in Europe as It Stands


As we will see later in the write-up, the European Union has a minimal impact on the lawmaking of country members. So, it’s not about the EU gambling laws at all, but how and which countries manage the matter of contention. There are two main groups – countries refusing to enact laws allowing gambling and such with a mandatory licensing procedure, after which a remote or in-person gaming service becomes approved.












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