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Child Gambling Law


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Children Gambling Laws Worldwide


Almost every country has laws against child gambling as part of its main gambling regulation. The foundation of the regulations is the same everywhere, and that is to determine the age for legal gambling. All players below that age are “underage”, and the law prohibits them from gambling.


The underage gambling laws in different countries are upheld by the licensing authorities, judicial departments, child protection services, and other organisations. Before operators gain a licence, they must prove that they will let in only players meeting the legal standards. The different casinos and gaming rooms have policies and procedures like those:





The situations listed above can easily be avoided with regular checks of the IDs of all visitors in the casinos. Just in case, the operators have similar policies. Usually, the underage gambling prevention laws go hand in hand with selling alcohol or illegal substances to minors and underage young people. That is why even if you don’t know the gambling law, you can still apply the age restriction for selling or drinking alcohol.


Legal Gambling Age


One of the main things considered in the child gambling laws is the legal gambling age monitored by government authorities like the UKGC, MGA, and more. There are countries with one age limitation for all wagering games. There are also countries like New Zealand, Canada, and the UK, where the gambling age is different for casinos, lotteries, horse races, and other games. Here are the age differences in different countries worldwide and according to the different games:




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