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Tundra Esports’ Nine Credits Coach Aui_2000 For Rich Vein of Form [Dota2]


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Tundra Esports’ midlaner Leon “Nine” Kirilin recently talked about his team coach, Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling’s impact as a coach amongst other things during a winner’s post-match interview. The International 2022 (TI11) champions had started its Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit (WEU DPC) campaign strong as they defeated OG and recently promoted side Nigma Galaxy in dominating fashion.


While the team were unaffected by roster changes during the off-season, the TI11 champions are currently looked upon as one of the teams to beat during this competitive season.


Nine noted that his teammates & coach are crucial to his recent success


During the winner’s post match interview, Tundra Esports’ Nine started off the conversation with the panel by talking about the match against Nigma Galaxy. While Tundra managed to win the series at the end with a 2-1 scoreline, Nine admitted that the team had lack of experience playing against Nigma Galaxy’s new strategies.


“I guess one big thing [when playing vs Nigma Galaxy] was that we had 0% experience playing versus a Huskar in midlane. I thought Arc Warden was going to be good in the later stages of the game but yeah it cost us a game. So we definitely learned a lot from our match against Nigma.”


Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann, who was one of the panelists then proceeded to ask Nine about his coach, Aui_2000’s impact on his recent rich vein of form. Nine responded by saying that both Aui_2000 and the rest of his teammates are crucial to his recent successes.


“Honestly, I think that the biggest impact is that I have a team that believes in my abilities while pushing me to be better instead of turning me down, which I think Aui_2000 has been a huge help. Because I think that was the biggest issue for me as a player, just struggling with confidence during high stakes matches on stage. But now I have a team that trusts and believes in me, despite me feeding that Game Two [against Nigma]. Like even after that game, I got zero negativity from my team and we just went on to win. ”


Tundra Esports are currently top of the WEU DPC league, with many predicting them to be a top contender for a direct invitation to the Lima Major at the end of the first tour. However, Tundra’s next match will be a tough one, as they face Team Liquid who were also looking to continue their unbeaten streak on 13th January.

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