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Chinese Team Knights Accused of Using Vision Hacks in DPC 2023 [Dota2]

Luna Ramsay

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Newly established Chinese team Knights have been accused of using vision hacks during its first three matches in the China Dota Pro Circuit (CN DPC) 2023 season. While the 2023 DPC season is currently underway, it appears that the Chinese region is no short of shocking news as Knights came into the spotlight following its latest controversy.


Knights are currently sitting 2th in the league, with two surprising wins against PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming. Additionally, many were predicting the team to be a dark horse as the team is currently looking unbeatable despite its debut loss to Team Aster.


Knights to be reprimanded or worse should investigation results came out against them


For those unfamiliar with vision hack, the hack allows players or teams to have complete insight on their opponents movement around the map, giving them an unfair advantage during a competitive match.


However according to Chinese Dota 2 news aggregator @Tr1H4rd3rDota2, Perfect World Esports who are Valve’s Chinese partner in publishing Dota 2 and also the tournament organizers of the currently ongoing China Dota Pro Circuit (CN DPC) 2023 have announced on its Weibo page that they have collected evidence of newly established side Knights using the alleged vision hacks and reported them to Valve for further instructions.

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