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I Drink a cup of coffee or tea


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The caffeine that help me so much to boost – and it is pretty delicious too! 🤎☕
Do you prefer coffee or tea? Most people will choose one or the other; and only a few enjoy drinking both. It is often said that what we choose to drink, coffee or tea, depends on our personal preference and the environment. 😋 Though both tea lovers and coffee drinkers are somewhat similar in terms of they are both obsessed with their drink, they differ in that tea people are more relaxed and leisurely and coffee people are more productive and have a faster pace of life. 
Also i see myself drinking Coffee when i need to calmdown and specially when i feel sleepy at work 😅 And the most special thing for me is to have my Coffee early in the morning when i woke up. 🥰🥰




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