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Invented Casino Venues


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Casinos, in the form known today, have only been around since the 17th c. However, gambling existed long before that, supposedly even during the Paleolithic period. Astragali, small animal bones used in divination, are believed to have been used as an early form of dice. Gambling houses would first appear in ancient China, while the Romans would be the first to invent gambling chips.







Some of the most popular games today were created many centuries ago. An early form of baccarat existed in the 13th c., and a prototype of Pai Gow was played in the 10th c. China and lotteries have existed since ancient times.


Romans and Ancient Greeks loved gambling so much that it became part of their culture, and many myths would feature their gods’ gambling adventures. However, the Romans also had to deal with strict gambling laws that forbade all forms of gambling.


While the ancient Chinese did have gambling houses, they were not considered proper casinos. The answer to who invented casino operators would appear much later in the beautiful Italian city of Venice.



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