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Sisters of the Sun[Play'n Go]


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Title:  Sisters of the Sun
Developer: Play'n Go
Reels: 5
Rows: 5
Paylines: Cluster Pays
RTP: 96.20% | 94.20% | 91.20% | 87.20% | 84.20%
Free Spins/Multiplier: 4-150/Unlimited
Max Win: 15,000x
Max Win Probability: 1 in 100,000,000
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.20/20
Release Date: September 2, 2021


Now Play :https://k8.io/games/slots/png_sistersofthesun


Sisters of the Sun: Slot Overview

According to the Law of Polarity, everything in the universe has an opposite - commonly known as yin and yang. An old text called the Kybalion builds on this by saying, 'opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree, extremes meet, all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.' That brings us to Sisters of the Sun by Play'n GO which is the yin to Moon Princess' yang. The two games have more similarities than opposites, though. What's different is the theme and a couple of feature tweaks which have tripled the older game's winning potential.

You could say the opposite of the moon is the sun, and Sisters of the Sun takes place in one of the sunniest spots on earth. We are talking about the hot sands of Ancient Egypt, where the sisters of the tale are three daughters of the Sun God Ra – Sekhmet, Hathor, and Bastet. The gaming occurs on a 5x5 sized grid where winning combinations are formed when three or more matching symbols land adjacently, horizontally or vertically. Egypt is a common theme, as you are no doubt aware, though Sisters of the Sun's representation of it isn't quite so typical. The Pyramids are there, yet the view alternates between a fiery canyon on Mars-like scene to a cloud-filled sky. It doesn't have the fun cheesy anime feel Moon Princess had, but it is an exotic entry into the grid slot genre.


Play'n GO has tinkered with the math model while changing the looks, where potential has received the biggest change. Default RTP is slightly lower than Moon Princess at 96.2%, while volatility remains high at 8 out of 10. Be aware as RTP varies depending on the market, so it can be set to lower levels than the default value. Playable on most devices, stakes range from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin.

Checking up on the paytable reveals seven paying symbols, a wild and a scatter. Starting with the lower value pay symbols, you'll come across leaves, cats, jewellery, and snakes at the bottom end. Bastet, Hathor, and Sekhmet are the three premium symbols; these are all worth 10 times the stake for a line of five. You can mix the premiums as well to trigger a reward of up to 5 times the stake of five if any of the characters line up.

Worth even more, at 30x the bet for five of a kind is the dual snaked wilds symbol. As well as being the most valuable tile, it substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. Wilds only appear from the cascading feature covered below.


Sisters of the Sun: Slot Features
If you like slots that deliver varied gameplay, you’ve come to the right place in Sisters of the Sun. As well as symbol drop wins, you’ll find a host of special modifiers, multipliers, free spins and other goodies in this Egyptian extravaganza. In total, there are 5 bonus features.


Cascading Wins feature
When a winner is formed, those symbols are removed from the grid. Called the Cascading Wins feature, a wild appears in the middle position when a 3-symbol winner is removed.

If you manage to clear the whole of the reels of symbols, you’ll receive a bonus prize equal to 50 x your total stake. The only exception being if you clear the grid during the Sisterhood feature. I’ll look at this in detail below.



Eye of Ra feature
On each spin, 5 randomly chosen positions on the game grid will appear the Eye of Ra feature. If you land a winning combination on an Eye of Ra, it increases the win multiplier by 1x. These can increase during a set of symbol drop wins. The multipliers resets with each new spin.



Goddess Power feature.


The Goddess Power feature can trigger at random on any winless spin. You’ll then benefit from 1 of 3 modifiers. Which one you get depends on which goddess is currently active on the screen:


Sekhmet: transforms 1 set of symbols into another symbol
Hathor: adds 1 or 2 Wild symbols to the reels
Bastet: removes 2 sets of symbols from the reels

A new payout consideration follows after the modifier has been activated.


Sisterhood feature
Trigger the Sisterhood feature by landing just a single scatter symbol. You’ll then receive 1 free spin with the multiplier reset to 1x. A series of symbol drops then follow with the Sekhmet, Hathor and Bastet modifiers playing out in turn, complete with potential Eye of Ra multipliers.



Free Spins feature


Trigger the Free Spins feature by clearing the whole of the game grid of symbols. Any multipliers active from the Sisterhood Feature carry over into the free spins.  Then choose 1 of the 3 Goddesses:

Sekhmet = 4 free spins
Hathor = 5 free spins
Bastet = 8 free spins


During the free spins, the number of Eye of Ra symbol positions doubles from 5 to 10 which boosts your chances of bringing multipliers into play. On every winless free spin, your chosen Goddess’s modifier triggers.


Land scatters to add extra free spins to your total too. Sekhmet, Hathor and Bastet receive 4, 3 or 2 extra spins for each scatter that lands. It’s possible to land up to 150 free spins during this round.


Sisters of the Sun: Slot Verdict
Like its predecessor, there is a lot going on in Sisters of the Sun, and it gets outrageously manic at times – increasingly so due to the updates. Sisters of the Sun is a tougher, more volatile game because of the changes, and some players will relish the challenge, while others might prefer the technically 'softer' option of Moon Princess since both offer a similar style of gameplay.


One of the big challenges is triggering free spins. Now it can only be done by clearing the grid during the Sisterhood feature, compared to at any time in Moon Princess. There is a consolation prize of clearing the grid outside the Sisterhood. Yet even that has been reduced to 50x the bet from the 200x you can collect for doing so during Moon Princess' free spins.


Rule changes like this, as well as needing Eyes of Ra to increase the multiplier, make Sisters of the Sun harder to get up to speed, but once it gets going, it'll power past Moon Princess and leave it in the dust. For one, you can win a lot more free spins this time – 150 compared to 20, plus there is no mention of the win multiplier being capped at x20 like it was before. Add these changes together, and players can now win up to 15,000 times their stake, triple the princesses.


Play'n GO has increased the risk/reward quotient for Sisters of the Sun, but it doesn't automatically eclipse Moon Princess, though. The original blended chaotic action with an equally off the wall theme, all Bandai, Moon Sailor rolled into a shojo manga bonanza. Sisters of the Sun is arguably better suited to a different type of gambler, one keen to take on a more challenging game to potentially reap greater rewards - should it shift out of second gear.


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