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Muerto en Mictlan[Play'n Go]


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Title:  Muerto en Mictlan
Developer: Play'n Go
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 10
RTP: 96.20% | 94.20% | 91.20% | 87.20% | 84.20%
Free Spins/Multiplier: 5-20/1-30x
Max Win: 10,000x
Max Win Probability: 1 in 1,000,000,000
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.10/50
Release Date: October 14, 2021


Now Play :https://k8.io/games/slots/png_muertoenmictlan 


Muerto en Mictlan: Slot Overview

Translated to English, Muerto en Mictlán comes out as something like 'dead in Mictlán.' Not hugely well known outside Central America (we needed a little Google to crack this one), Mictlán is a realm in the Aztec afterlife, where most of the dead would go, though not all. Like Dante's Inferno, Mictlán consists of nine levels, taking spirits four years to traverse through. Similar to Dante's guide Virgil, the dead are guided by a psychopomp called Xolotl, through various challenges such as a blood river replete with jaguars and winds that blow daggers. To complete the picture, psychopomps were soul guides while also being the name of a Danish electro-industrial group.

Muerto en Mictlán has a vast wealth of extraordinary subject matter to draw on, but Play'n GO has kept things relatively light, sticking with fairly typical Day of the Dead imagery you come across in online slots. The base game is like this, at least, where a colourful, flower-adorned 5-reel, 10-payline game grid sits in the middle of a town square, also bedecked in flowers, at a sort of twilight time of day. It's not until free spins trigger that the spirit realm awakens and the visions begin. The music has been set to a positive pitch to help avoid bad trips taking place on this metaphysical voyage.


Mathematically, this is a medium-volatile slot (rated 7 out of 10) and comes with a default RTP value of 96.2%, though it may possibly be found at lower configurations. Playable from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin, winning combinations are formed when three or more matching symbols land left to right from the leftmost reel. Symbols are a selection of stitch patterned clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds, then things like hats, flowers, and two characters named Catrin and Catrina. Landing a five of a kind win line is worth up to 25 times the stake. The wilds also payout, but only for five of a kind; this is worth 30x the bet. Otherwise, wilds replace any symbol except the scatter.


Muerto en Mictlan: Slot Features

Muerto en Mictlán uses scatters to trigger free spins, then lets players collect them to move through 4 different levels. Scatter symbols land on top of regular pay symbols, so do not block their payouts. Only one scatter can appear on each reel. Players need to land 1-5 overlay scatter symbols to access the first 5 Mictlán Free Spins on level 1. When so happens players get to pick 1 of 4 type of wilds:


Sticky Wilds – stay on the grid for the duration of the active free spin level.
Expanding Wilds – expand to cover the whole reels when landing.
Exploding Wilds – blow up to 2x2 in size when they hit.
Walking Wilds – stay on the reels for the active level and move one reel to the left on every spin, falling off the first reel.


When a wild feature is chosen, it becomes unavailable for the next levels, and only one wild feature is active per level. As noted, scatters remain on the reels to be collected during free spins, helping you progress through the 4 levels. Upon reaching the next level, you get another 5 free spins + a pick from the list of wilds. The levels look like this:


Level 1: The scatters triggering the free spins round are added to the collection meter.
Level 2: Collect 5 scatters in total.
Level 3: Collect 11 scatters in total.
Level 4: Collect 18 scatters in total.


Every level is played until completed before moving to the next one should you collect enough scatters to do so. When you reach level 4, scatters no longer appear. Each level achieved awards an additional 5 free spins meaning a total of 20 Mictlán Free Spins are possible.


One more feature rounds the game off. There is a chance on any spin that a win multiplier randomly triggers: During the main game, the base multipliers are x1, x2 or x4. In Mictlán Free Spins, this upgrades to x2, x4, or x6. In level 3 they are x3, x6, or x10, and in level 4 they are further increased to x4, x10, or x30.



Muerto en Mictlan: Slot Verdict

One of the fun things about Muerto en Mictlán was diving into the lore surrounding the Aztec underworld to understand what was going on. With such rich subject matter, Play'n GO could have taken players on a real mind-bender of a slot, but they have kept much of it a pretty mainstream Day of the Dead style slot most of the time. That is until free spins trigger, then the imagery takes on a trippy, swirling aspect, and the game goes full Coco.


You'll want the trip to kick in as soon as possible, too, because aside from the random multiplier, which is pretty modest outside free spins, there's not much going on in the base game. The mariachi blasts to celebrate wins keeps the party spirit up to a degree, yet everything steps up several notches when free spins trigger. The bonus game is a sharp volatile blast, as five initial free spins aren't a heck of a lot of room to manoeuvre. Having four wild features to choose from is another positive aspect as players get to pick their favourites or potentially experiment with something new.


You might expect features to build on top of each other as you move up levels instead of getting one at a time. However, imagine the mayhem of wilds Level 4 would've been if you had all four features firing. And to be honest, the game doesn't really need to stack features to be highly effective. Multipliers can make a huge impact, and the game has an impressive (in theory at least) max win figure of 10,000 times the stake as it is.


All up, a fairly entertaining and well-produced game, plus players get to experience a side of Aztec culture rarely explored in a slot. We mentioned in the intro that some spirits ended up going to other destinations. One was for those who passed away from events linked to the rain god Tlaloc - a paradise called Tlalocan. Might make a pleasant sequel?

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