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The Christmas Casino at Rising Star is the most unique holiday experience anywhere in the Tri-State Area!  Every year the casino resort is transformed into a whimsical and enchanting winter wonderland certain to dazzle and delight with added NEW holiday attractions every year. This combination of timeless Christmas designs and fanciful animation is a must-see attraction. 

  • NEW & IMPROVED Animated 12 Days of Christmas Tree that comes to life with music and animatronics
  • NEW 18 foot LED tree in the front entrance and a 30 foot LED tree in the fountain provided by our Boone County friends, "Light Up The Fair"
  • North Pole Display that you can touch, complete with real frost
  • Moving Christmas Scenes
  • Beautifully decorated trees, sweeping garlands, rich adornments
  • Santa’s 8 LIVE Reindeer in Santa's Stable, located on the front lawn

Make sure you visit the Christmas Market Village where you find that special gift this coming Christmas. Don't forget to bring the kids to meet Santa Claus. He will be on hand to personally meet guests in his own special enclave. On Sundays, we'll have FREE carriage rides!

The spirit of Christmas abounds throughout the property with an array of festivities, entertainment, excitement and holiday enjoyment for all!              

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Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi is a tradition where Filipinos attend a nine-day series mass in preparation for Christmas. It starts from the 16th of December until Christmas Eve. 

The last day of the Simbang Gabi falls on Christmas Eve. It is also known as Misa de Gallo. There is a saying that if you finished attending the Simbang Gabi, you can have your wish granted. 

Filipinos also look forward to the delicacies sold from stalls around the church. They love to eat bibingka (rice cake cooked in clay pots) and puto bumbong (a purple rice cake cooked inside a bamboo tube), especially after attending a mass.

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