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Cloud9 Officially Parts Ways With Its Valorant Cloud9 White Roster

Luna Ramsay

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North American esports organization Cloud9 officially announced the departure of its professional women’s Valorant team, Cloud9 White on 20th December. Cloud9 White’s dominance in the North American Game Changers circuit was undeniable and the team outclassed its competition for almost two years. The Cloud9 Valorant channel posted a video bidding adieu to all five Cloud9 White Valorant players and thanked them for their commitment and contribution. The Valorant community has sent positive messages of love and support to the players on social media platforms following the announcement. 

On Twitter, Cloud9 wrote, “A legacy of excellence, dominance, and 6x Championships. Thank you, Cloud9 White.”

Cloud9 recalls Cloud9 White’s triumphant Valorant journey
In a blog post, the organization wrote, “Valorant White was Cloud9’s first Women’s Valorant team and was quickly established as one of the top teams in the game. With Cloud9, the team had an impressive run, including 6 first-place VCT [Valorant Champions Tour] Game Changers finishes, and a top 4 finish at the VCT Game Changers Championship.”

Cloud9 added that it recognized that the roster has been a great source of inspiration to gamers around the world and hoped that its legacy lives on. The organization added that it shall continue to support and promote women in esports. “We thank Cloud9 White for everything they have done for us and wish them all the best,” it noted.

Players Alexis “alexis” Guarrasi, Jasmine “Jazzyk1ns” Manankil, Katja “katsumi” Pfahnl, Melanie “meL” Capone, and Bob Tran will go their separate ways heading into the 2023 Valorant Game Changers season.

Cloud9 Founder and CEO Jack Etienne said, “We’re proud to have had the chance to work with such a talented team of women and to have been a part of their success.”  Meanwhile, alexis said Cloud9 White played a major role in establishing Game Changers and added that it was an honor to have been a part of a legacy.

According to a Dot Esports report, meL and Alexis are reportedly looking to join VersionX, the Game Changers roster of Version1. Likewise, Bob and katsumi are reportedly joining XSET Purple. Though there is no news on where Jazzyk1ns might end up, the player stated in a Twitlonger that she plans on competing until she reaches her goals. She added, “I’m determined to keep grinding and learning every day. My journey doesn’t end here, it has just begun.”

The team last played together at the Game Changers Championship 2022 in November where teams gathered in Berlin, Germany.

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