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Medusa 2: The Quest of Perseus[PGSoft]

Hazel Wyatt

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Title: Medusa 2: The Quest of Perseus
Developer: PGSoft
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 30
RTP: 94.96%
Free Spins Freq: N/A
Max Win: N/A
Max Win Probability: N/A
Volatility: Medium
Min/Max Bet: 0.30/600
Release Date: May 20, 2014

Now Play : https://k8.io/games/slots/pgs_medusa2thequestofperseus

Medusa 2: The Quest of Perseus: Slot Overview

Try and stop the great and powerful Medusa! Medusa: The Quest of Perseus™ pits Medusa against an army of brave warriors as they fight for their lives. This 40-line slot places the heroic Perseus front and center as he battles the dreaded Medusa with a Free Spin Battle™ and Stacked Perseus symbols that will have players cheering in their seats.The Free Spin Battle™ begins when two Medusa symbols land in the 3rd and 5th reels. Players then spin for an extra bonus award to further protect themselves for the bonus battle, which range from extra free spins, to instant credits, a locked 2X wild, to a full reel of locked wilds. Upon each spin, Soldier symbols are threatened by Medusa’s lethal gaze and any Soldier who holds up their shield long enough for Medusa to see her reflection will turn the symbol into a locked wild symbol for each remaining spin during the bonus round.


Medusa 2: The Quest of Perseus: Slot Featrues

The encounter with the infamous Medusa, who is stony with her gaze will be presented to you through the eyes of Perseus, a strong young demigod. It is up to you to stick to the tradition and by playing this slot you will be with Perseus when he cuts off Medusa’s head. You can follow the action on the game board itself because it consists of two parts. In the upper part, you can enjoy watching Perseus looking for Medusa and in the lower part, you can play the game!

The game takes place on standard five reels in three rows and has thirty fixed paylines. The symbols are located on a stone tablet and fit perfectly into the overall design of the ruins of Athens. This way you will have the opportunity to see the classic card symbols in the form of the letters J, Q, K and A, as well as various weapons and a shield that helps Perseus in battle. Perseus also appears on the game board as one of the main symbols.

Shown as a Wild symbol, Perseus will replace all regular symbols on the reels and build winning combinations with them. The only symbol that cannot be replaced is the Stacked Wild symbol, expanding the Wild. This symbol can replace all the symbols on the reels! The Wild also appears only on the central reel, second, third and fourth.


Two great features of Medusa 2 slot: The Quest of Perseus

The basic game has one interesting feature. One, two or three reels can be randomly petrified and remain in place while the other reels spin. Each stone reel can detect Soul Stone ii Blue Potion. These are two special symbols that you collect throughout the game. It is a Red Stone and a Blue Drink. Remember these symbols, we will return to them.

The main game has another great feature that is also activated at random. It is a Pot Selection function that will offer you three jars in the middle of turning the reels. Choose one of three and discover the surprise that awaits you: a red Stone, a blue Potion, a cash prize that can increase your stake up to five times or Respin! Whatever the three of them are, it will make playing more profitable.


Face Medusa in a bonus game where you win 12 free spins!
Entering the bonus game will mean that Perseus has found Medusa and the two of them can finally start their fight. So in the upper part of the slot, you will have the opportunity to watch Medusa attacking or defending. Beware, every time Medusa attacks you she can destroy a couple of red stones reducing the number of free spins.

You can strike back at her every time you put together a winning combination on the reels and defend against an attack when you have the symbols of a Shield, Helmet, Torch, Mace or Dagger on the reels. So, you will be able to save free spins even in non-winning spins, only if you have these symbols on the reels. If you make a profit with one of these symbols, you will win additional symbols of the red stone, you will win extra free spins!

If you win this symbol during the Pot Selection function or the reel freeze function, you will fill in three divisions of the scale. Once again, the highest number on the scale you can achieve is 12. When the bonus game is over or when the scale has no more blue symbols during the base game, all red symbols are removed and the blue scale is replenished to number 12.

The bonus game also includes the expanding Wilds we mentioned earlier! If the reels have one or more Wilds, Medusa will petrify those reels and those reels will stay that way in the next free spin. This means that these reels will be expanding Wilds that will stay on the reels for the next three free spins!


The jellyfish has a scale above its head that measures its power. If you clear this scale during 10 free spins, you will beat Medusa and get 5 more free spins!

Then Perseus will appear at the top of the screen and hold a Shield and a Sword. The Shield will represent the wheel that Perseus will turn with his sword. Here you have the opportunity to win Wilds who will form winning combinations with regular symbols. Depending on which section Perseus stops this improvised wheel on, you can win 1-9 Wilds on the reels! The largest number of Wilds is nine because they occur only on the central reels. Either way, it will help you make new winning combinations!

Medusa 2: The Quest of Perseus: Slot Verdict
This PG Soft game really is a wonderful release by the brand. It has everything you could want in a slot. High-quality graphics and animations, an excellent theme, stunning gameplay and fantastic special features. Definitely one that we recommend playing!


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