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Pilot Cup [Gamzix]


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Title: Pilot
Provider: Gamzix
Paylines: N/A
RTP: 96.50%
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: 1,000x
Min/Max bet: $0.10/$100
Release Date: October 1, 2022

Now Playhttps://k8.io/games/slots/gmx_pilot

Pilot: Slot Overview
There’s a new fave that’s slowly but steadily taking over the iGaming space; crash games. Due to the slot type’s growing popularity, most slot providers are shifted their focus to producing more of these games. Gamzix announced the release of its first-ever crash slot as a celebration of its 30th game milestone! Before we go any further, congratulations to Gamzix! This online game might have some characteristics similar to a video slot, but their gameplays are different. If you’re a gambler who values pure and simplistic gameplay over the rules packed in video slots, then this should be your ideal option. This game has no in-game features and the winning potential rests on sheer luck. But, some aspects, such as multiple bets, enjoyable music, and customizable skins will help boost your experience. 


Pilot: Slot Features
Symbols and Payouts
Typically, crash games don’t include any symbols that can form combinations. As such, when you’re playing the Pilot slot game, you aim to stake and hope to land the highest possible multiplier before the ball crashes and the game round ends. Even though we include most game details in this in-depth guide, ensure you visit the game rules for any clarifications needed.

Every win equals the current bet multiplied by the multiplier when you make a cash-out. As soon as the ball is released into the air, the multiplier starts at 1x and can increase progressively up to 1000x your staked bet. According to the game rules, every crash is random based on an RNG (random number generator) which is determined before the start of the round.

If the internet disconnects during an ongoing bet, the gameplay will automatically accept the stake with the current rate and credit the win amount to your balance.

Best Pilot Bonus Feature
Most gambling players search for online games that contain bonuses for better winning chances. But, that’s not the case with this crash game. After all, why would you need a Pilot bonus mode when all the spins can award a winning multiplier? Just place your bet before a game round begins and watch your rate and prize increase from 1x-1000x. However, be on the lookout and cash out your win before the crash happens.

Additionally, the game includes three essential components. These don’t necessarily improve winning chances but will boost your overall gaming ambiance. They include:

  • A 2.4MB weight interface.
  • A variation of skins - the developer has a plan of adding new skins monthly, including during sporting events and holidays.
  • Support through web view.

Pilot: Slot Verdict
All in all, crash-style games garner a lot of attention from casino enthusiasts and Gamzix’s first take in this genre is no exception. It would appeal to players valuing pure gameplay above everything else. Additionally, the maximum wins of 1,000x the bet value, and the theoretical RTP standing at 96.50% are appealing enough to attract an ever-increasing number of casino enthusiasts.

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