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Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania [Nolimit City]


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Title:  Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania
Software:  Nolimit City
Type:  Video Slot
Reels:  5
Paylines:  20
Total Coins:  20
Coins Range:  0.20 to 100.00
Jackpot:  500
Bonus Round:  Yes (3)
Free Spins/Multiplier:  10/1x

Play now:   https://k8.io/games/slots/nlc_kitchendramasushimania

Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania slot | Review | DEMO | TOP casino
There’s nothing like the nourishing pleasure of Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania slot! Having being prepared with an exceptional passion for authentic Japanese cuisine and engaging anime graphics in mind, it has become the hottest online casinos 2020 title in the entire gaming industry. Actually, Sushi Mania was the first dish in Kitchen Drama Series offered by the famed Nolimit City software restaurant, and, thanks to an impressive number of cutting-edge Japanese enhancements, it still stays the source of unforgettable entertainment. Ready to take a bite of a genuine slot?

Game Mechanics
If you are looking for a slot with delectable gameplay and navigation as simple as traditional rice balls, you have come to the right kitchen! Despite the spirit of medieval Japanese heritage, the organic riches of Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania are gettable for every enthusiast from the most remote spots of the Earth – just choose your language out of 19 ones and create jackpot receipts on your own.


With 5 vertical reels and 3 horizontal rows, there are 15 dishes-units waiting for energizing products! To further inspire your mixing culinary experiments and cater to literally the most finicky tastes, the casino game provides 20 exotics betlines.

Concerning special utensils for making sushi, you will never have any difficulties with three buttons: to place a bet, to start the machine, and – if you take your cooking seriously – to toggle on an autoplay mode. An immersion into the art of sushi creation occurs in a blink: click on a quadratic Spin icon beneath the reely cutting board and watch as foods jump onto the lavishing area and transform into irresistible bankrolls! In case you have such Asia-loving vibes and appeal to Japanese gods of luck, you will be unbelievably rewarded with x500 fatty salmon!

Slot games iconSushi Mania slot Special Symbols
Like everything in the Japanese culture, this Nolimit City slot entertainment is crammed with amazingly helpful but at the same time unnoticeable symbols to take advantage of.

Have you ever come across a slot with more than two wilds? No? Roaming the Drama realm you will discover 2 universal Kitchen elements: a cold-blooded bunshin (a deep blue ball) and a smiling piece of Wild sushi.

No Sushi action will be complete without an upgraded version of a knife – that’s why a Wild bunshin with a microsword springs on the 2, 3, and 4 reels and, surprisingly, starts to divide and clone itself into three attacking bunshins. What are they hunting for? All surrounding symbols! However, you can never foresee what exact symbols will be cut by a wild bunshin there’s no causation where on the reels two other ones will appear. But don’t get discouraged: if it’s your day, you will reach an awesome moment when all 15 positions will be dwelled by self-reliant mythical samurais.

Give a glance to Kamisabi Second Chance symbols: they’re dreamlike green creatures that are triggered by 3 consecutive wins and lead to activation of additional paylines. What does that mean? Once the reels stop, products don’t move either, and you will watch how rewarding symbols get cut and pop off the screen, leaving empty spots for new ingredients. As fresh food comes, all symbols may roll in extra savory combinations and bring real coin enjoyment. A cherry on top: if Kamisabi Second Chance starts adoring you, they will attract only fortunate symbols!


What makes this game special?
Gear up for the greatest prizes in your life! For good and absolutely unique reasons Kitchen has proved to be the number one destination for all gamers interested in the processes of jackpot cooking! Can you imagine anything more piquant than adding bonus spices to your rolls? No? With these extraordinary boasts, you will easily find out what delirious happiness means.

You will surely become beyond yourself with Wild Sushi Free Spins. When the majesty of bunshins works on a dozen of Free Spins, you will receive a mouthwatering sushi rewards! In practice, the Wild Spins constitute a 10-timed bonus game, at which point sushi symbols turn into wilds and enlarge your deliciouses to fabulous bounty! The more points you gain during the free game, the more symbols will become Wilds: finally, reaching all 3 wild levels you can make soy, rice, and salmon dance on the reels. How to stand a chance of this rolling mystery? Play the slot until you get simultaneous wins on 3 sushi ingredients and explore the wonders of Wild Sushi!

No other reels on the Earth will offer you a tempting opportunity to trigger much more than one sushi-line win from one spinning round. This option is called “Colliding reels”, but indeed it looks as if the most energizing products get cut to invisible pieces and are removed from a virtual board in order to make space for new ingredients. The last ones can mix with symbols from a previous spin and surprisingly give rise to money whirls in your pockets.

Betting limits and Winning
Sushi rolls slot has nothing similar with over glamorous High roller style: 0.2 coins are all you need to enter the Kitchen of spins. Prefer more opulent banquets? Give the maximal – 100 coin – bet a go. What about slot machine payouts, they are quite satisfying. So satisfying that will keep you looking for more and more and more bonuses. In a nutshell, maximal pure winning reaches x500 coins, while the mega jackpot gives x758 rolls. If you’re anxious about having no cooking skills, get those gloomy thoughts off your head: with 96.77% RTP and the 5th degree of volatility you will 100% win in 1 out of 3 spins.


So, if – by any coincidence – you haven’t experienced the gaming satiety yet, let Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania fill you up with original Japanese thrills! Trust your gut and grab the right moment – Wild salmon and dazzling rice await to boost your wallet!

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