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Rotiki[Play'n Go]

Hazel Wyatt

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Title: Rotiki
Developer: Play'n Go
Reels: 6
Rows: 8
Paylines: Cluster pays
RTP: 96.2%
Free Spins/Multiplier: NA/1-10x
Max Win: 1,000x
Max Win Probability: 1 in 21,541
Volatility: Medium
Min/Max Bet: 0.05/100
Release Date: July 14 2022

Now Play : https://k8.io/games/slots/png_rotiki

Rotiki: Slot Overview

Software provider Play'n GO has released a good number of grid slots over the years, some of them, like Reactoonz, going on to attain bona fide classic status. The studio certainly knows a thing or two about making these types of games and has filled them with all manner of math and feature combinations. To pad out the collection, they've made a grid slot catering to a different segment of the market. How can we put it… for players after something, gentler? The game is called Rotiki, a Pacific Island-themed game full of cluster pays, respins, and a bonus round Treasure Room feature.

A larger than usual game panel sits in the middle of the screen between burning torches, and towers of mask-like items, while hills, foliage, and a smoky volcano smoulders in the background. Rhythmical drumming drives the soundtrack and clicking on the towers on the two sides of the grid elicits a chanting vocal effect. The first impressions were quite good, and Rotiki's stack of sturdy looking rock symbols had an inviting 'come smash us' look about them.


Rotiki is playable on any device, where stakes start at 5 p/c per spin at the lowest setting rising to £/€100 at the highest. Hit spin, and 48 symbols drop into an 6-column, 8-row game area, creating a win when 5 or more identical symbols connect in vertical and/or horizontal directions. In a twist, initial wins trigger a respins feature rather than a cascade feature.

To the symbols, where normal pays include four lower value in-theme icons and four high pay masks. Value-wise, hitting a regular five symbol cluster is worth 0.2 to 1x the bet, while at most, a 48-symbol combo is worth 20 to 100 times the stake.

Rotiki: Slot Features
Following an initial win, 3 respins are awarded. The winning symbols are locked in place while the rest of the symbols spin. If winning symbols land on the respins, they are also held in place. If a row is filled with winning symbols, +3 additional respins are awarded.

When respins end, if any wild symbols are part of the win, they spin on their own. When they stop spinning, they may remain as wilds or turn into Hanumi or Whakarei symbols. Hanumi merges connecting clusters into one type of symbol cluster – always the highest value. Whereas Whakarei upgrades the cluster to a random mask symbol. After this has happened, the win is evaluated.


The Treasure Room
If you manage to cover all symbols on the grid with winning symbols, the Treasure Room bonus round is opened. The point of the bonus is to build as large a multiplier as possible. Players get a certain number of picks and then click squares on a grid. Clicked squares reveal blanks, +5 picks, +1 to the multiplier, or the Special symbol, which maxes the multiplier out at x10. The round ends when the picks have been used or the Special symbol is revealed. Then, the winning total going into the Treasure Room bonus is boosted by the multiplier accrued during the feature.


Rotiki: Slot Verdict
While digging around online to see if there was any real-life basis for the word Rotiki, we came across an 'article' on an alternative tongue-in-cheek website. In it, 'Rotiki' was described as 'the poor man's Hawaii', where visitors get free shells and may come across its strangely fierce crab. Yeah, it felt like we were getting punked reading that, and at times in Rotiki the slot, it felt like we were getting punked there too. At least it did at the start before we'd really gone over the paytable with a fine-toothed comb. What's the appropriate response to landing a winning cluster spanning more than half of an 8x6 sized game grid and only getting 2x the bet for it?

It takes a mindset readjustment to get the most out of Rotiki. Forget scoring hugely juicy cluster payouts or chaining together crazy long consecutive cascading wins. Respins can be quite long in duration, but it is weird how low payouts can be, even when almost every position on the grid is covered by winning symbols. Usually, when so much of the board was covered, it was because more than one winning symbol type had been used to do so. As an example, the first time we made it through to the Treasure Room bonus, the full grid win value going in was 2.4x the bet.

Rotiki just does things differently, and there may be players drawn to its unique characteristics. Once we got over the shock induced by its trivial payout values, filling the grid and moving to The Treasure Room became something of a personal challenge. There was something oddly compelling about the mission. Perhaps part of the compulsion is knowing the chance of achieving Rotiki's maximum payout is 1 in 21,541, which is low for an online slot. However, reality bites after finding out the max win is only 1,000x the bet, which on some level does feel fair enough for this sort of game.

We know Play'n GO has a black belt in making grid slots, practically redefining the genre on more than one occasion. That gets them off the hook to a degree for Rotiki, and the studio must have had certain players in mind when they made it. Those who feel drawn by Rotiki's charms should be satisfied with the unique type of experience it has to offer. Anyone else might be as bafflingly amused as we were.


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