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Eternal Night [ORYX GAMING]


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Title: Eternal Night
Wide release date: 2021-10-07
Type: Video Slots
Variance: N/A
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: x6500.00
Min bet $, €, £: 0.25
Max bet $, €, £:75
Layout: 5-3 [ i ]
Betways: 243 [ i ]
Features: Bonus Bet, FreeSpins, Reelset Changing, Scatter symbols, Wild
Theme: Steam punk
Objects: N/A
Genre: Fantastic
Other tags: Brown
Game Size:    N/A MB
Release Date:    27.09.2021 [ i ]

Now playing: https://k8.io/games/slots/orx_eternalnight


Eternal Night Review

Eternal Night is an exciting new steampunk slot from Oryx, released exclusively for Isoftbet. The game has a well-thought-out plot, high-quality visual effects, and many unusual features: Bonus Bet, FreeSpins, Reelset Changing, Scatter symbols, Wild. The reels are arranged in a 5 * 3 pattern and can expand up to 5 * 4. In Eternal Night, there are from 243 to 1024 ways to win. This slot machine can bring you a maximum winning of 6,500 times your stake. The slot is available not only on stationary computers but also on modern smartphones and tablets.



As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the “ranger” character looks a lot like the player character in the popular Resident Evil franchise of video games. The other characters look inhuman and monster-like, and with the guns and other weapons seen on the remaining symbols its quite a cohesive theme overall. It would be nice to know exactly what the game’s theme is based around, but I found no further clues whilst studying the paytable and rules sections.

Previous Arcadem slots didn’t have any payout attached to the scatter symbols, but fortunately this one does. It’s not a huge payoff – 20x your stake for all five – but it’s definitely better than nothing. The wilds do not have any payout attached to them specifically, so it’s safe to assume that a full pay line of these will return the same amount as the highest-paying Ranger and Balthazar symbols – 40x your stake for each pay way containing all five. The Skeleton and Weapons symbols both return 16x your stake, after which you are down to the royals which pay between 1x for five of the tens and 4x for five Aces. These pay outs may seem a little on the low side, but keep in mind this is a 243-way game so it should be possible to score many winning lines simultaneously.

When betting on this 243-ways game, the smallest available bet size is €0.25 and the largest is €75.00. Activating the “Extra Bet” feature increases this by 100% to a minimum of €0.50 and a maximum bet of €by 100% to a minimum of €0.50 and a maximum bet of €150.00(!). There are 14 intermediary steps you can select from in-between these two extremes.



The standard base gameplay utilizes a 5x3 playfield, whereas the 1,024-payway mode increases this to a 5x4 grid. The paytable states that you have “increased chances of winning” whilst playing with the extra ways but does not mention if this mode also increases the largest possible win. It seems natural to guess that bigger wins should be possible with more than four times as many pay ways, however.

With the exception of the “Extra Bet” feature which doubles your stake and activates the additional pay ways, Arcadem did not include any other modifiers in Eternal Night online slot. This is a shame, but whilst testing I found that the scatters did “feel” easier to hit than many other online slots. This broke up the gameplay just enough to keep things interesting – I finished in profit, too!



Hitting three or more scatter symbols will trigger the games free spins bonus round. You are offered three choices, each of which is labelled with a volatility level as well. The free spin modes are named after the games symbol characters and all three can be re-triggered by hitting three or more scatter symbols whilst the free spins are in play:

Horde Free Spins ( High Volatility )

In this mode you will only be awarded five free spins, but all wins receive a 5x multiplier. This is the riskiest option, but also offers you the chance of hitting the games largest wins. 

One thing I sometimes do when games offer multiple free spin modes in this way is to multiply the number of spins together with the multiplier – in this case, five spins, 5x multiplier gives a total of 25. This gives you a way of comparing each of the different options – you’ll notice that the number for the following two options is a little higher, suggesting they might be worth a little bit more to the player overall.

Balthazar Free Spins ( Medium Volatility )

This time around, Eternal Night awards you ten free spins instead of five – however, the multiplier is reduced accordingly from 5x down to 3x. As tempting as the larger multiplier may be, I found myself choosing this option most of the time because ten free spins feel like a much more worthwhile bonus round than just five!

Ranger Free Spins ( Low Volatility )

Finally, those who prefer a little less risk may prefer to opt for the Ranger free spins mode rather than the previous two options. This awards the maximum of 15 free spins, however the multiplier is dropped all the way down to just 2x. Although I usually prefer higher variance online slots, I found myself coming out with better wins from this mode than the “high variance” option. 


I had a lot of fun whilst testing Eternal Night – the jackpot of over 6,500x your bet is big enough to keep most slots fans interested but not crazy enough that most of your bonus rounds will only pay a few pennies! Overall, this is another high-quality game from Arcadem – not quite as good as their previous game Flashback Heroes, but it’s a close thing!


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