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Super Fruit Smash [Slotmill]

Franco Vince

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Title: Super Fruit Smash
Provider:    Slotmill
Release Date:    27.09.2022
Type:    Video Slots
RTP:    96.08%
Variance:    HIGH
Max Win:    x12000.00
Min bet $, €, £:    0.2
Max bet $, €, £:    50
Layout:    6-6
Betways:    Pay Anywhere
Play Now: https://k8.io/games/slots/slotmill:SuperFruitSmash


About the Game

With the Super Fruit Smash online slot, produced by Slotmill, you’re taken to a tropical beach for a fun and juicy adventure. Wins are achieved easier in this game than most, and it has multipliers, avalanches, free spins and other ways to activate special features.

Different types of fruit have been important thematically in the slots world for over a century. Modern games like Neon Light Fruits play on this with new twists. With the Super Fruit Smash video slot, Slotmill used some of the same idea but with a focus on making the gameplay as fresh as the fruit on the reels.

Different types of fruit have been important thematically in the slots world for over a century. Modern games like Neon Light Fruits play on this with new twists. With the Super Fruit Smash video slot, Slotmill used some of the same idea but with a focus oThis overall feel starts with the look and presentation of the slot. You’re looking out at a view of a bay on the edge of a tropical island. Palm trees, bushes and sand are about all that you can see behind the reels other than the ocean. Additionally, you have the trunks of these trees that make up the edges of the play area. With tons of different kinds of fruit on the reels, Slotmill made them look juicy and delicious. Don’t say we didn’t warn you if looking at this game makes you feel hungry.

A great-looking game is one thing, but it earning its chops with solid play is another thing altogether. Luckily for players, this title manages to pull off both really well. However, we will be the first to admit that this title doesn’t use the traditional style of slot play. With that said, you won’t really have any problem getting used to it after you play a few spins. We’ll get more into how this works down below.n making the gameplay as fresh as the fruit on the reels.

Super Fruit Smash Review

Slotmill are one of the freshest arrivals to the market, and they had only 17 slots in our catalog at the time of writing. Even then, though, many players have already fallen in love with their slots, and Super Fruit Smash is a game worth checking out. That much we can tell you right away, and we can also tell you that it all takes place on a playing field with 6 reels and 6 rows. Note that there are no paylines in the mix – instead, your goal is to find 8 or more matching symbols anywhere on the playing field.

The production values of Super Fruit Smash are high overall, and we quite like what the designers did with the basic fruit theme here. Instead of just throwing in some random fruit symbols, we have a legitimate beach theme, and it works like a charm as a package!


Let’s now examine the game’s math model. The volatility level of Super Fruit Smash is high, but you can win up to 12,000x your stake if you get lucky! The least that you can play for is then £0.20, while high rollers can go directly for the £50 max bet if they want to. Finally, the theoretical RTP of Super Fruit Smash is 96.08%, which is slightly above average.


Super Fruit Smash Slot Features

There are as many as 10 pay symbols in Super Fruit Smash, and it’s possible to divide them evenly into 5 low-paying symbols and 5 high-paying symbols. For the former, we have grapes, plums, melons, pears, and coconuts. Coconuts pay up to 15x your bet for 16+ matching symbols, while things get even better when it comes to the game’s high-paying symbols. Those show pineapples, bananas, mangoes, strawberries, and dragon fruit. If you manage to get 16 or more dragon fruit symbols, you’ll walk away with a nice 40x payout!For special symbols, there are Wilds, Bonus symbols and Super Bonus symbols. Wilds are the most basic of those symbols, as all they do is that they substitute for other symbols. Given the Pay Anywhere payout system, that can certainly come in handy!


Kicking off the gameplay, we have the Avalanche feature that’s in effect at all times. What it does is that it removes all winning symbols from the board while allowing new symbols to fall in and create more combos in the process. This always continues for as long as you keep getting new wins.The Avalanche feature goes hand in hand with the slot’s Progressive Win Multiplier feature that gives you a global win multiplier. It starts at 1x, but it increases by +1x with each Avalanche. Naturally, it gets reset between each base game spin.At random, you can get Giant symbols that can be either pay symbols or Wild symbols as big as 4x4. They can also come with win multipliers of up to 5x, and you can also get those win multipliers to work together by multiplying each other if you find two or more matching Giant symbols. That’s a lot, isn’t it?Wild symbols can then sometimes appear with counters attached to them. Such Wilds are called Countdown Wilds, and their counters tick down with Avalanches, with them staying on the board in the meantime.Land 3 Bonus symbols to trigger the Free Spins feature with 8 free spins. Each extra set of Bonus symbols will net you 4 extra free spins, and your progressive win multiplier doesn’t get reset between free spins.If you get 2 Bonus symbols and 1 Super Bonus symbol instead, you’ll trigger the Super Free Spins feature with 8 free spins that are boosted with guaranteed Giant symbols.Finally, you can use the Fast Track option to get access to the slot’s features without having to wait for them. There are four options to choose from, too, and you can start by purchasing a spin with one guaranteed Giant fruit symbol for 5x your bet. The other options are then more expensive – purchasing the Super Free Spins feature, for example, will cost you as much as 450x your bet! Note that all Fast Track options increase the slot’s theoretical RTP.

Reel Screen


Win Screen






There’s no way around it – if you’re looking for the ultimate fruit slot with the Pay Anywhere system, you should look no further. Super Fruit Smash is a top-notch experience that’s packed with excellent features, big wins, and great audiovisuals. It’s backed by a good math model as well, so we just don’t know what we could possibly criticize here. Well done to Slotmill!

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