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Joker Troupe [Push Gaming]

Charles Cedric

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Title: Joker Troupe
Developer: Push Gaming
Reels: 4
Rows: 3
Paylines: 10
RTP: 96.68%
Hit Freq: N/A
Max Win: 25,367x
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.20/200
Release Date: Out Now

Play Now: https://k8.io/games/slots/psh_jokertroupe

Joker Troupe (Push Gaming): Overview
Joker Troupe is a bright and colourful fusion of classic looks and modern gameplay from the creative team at Push Gaming. Famous for mixing elements of the old and new, their latest is a deviously simple looking slot that hides a complex blend of features and high payouts. It is tough to convey everything that Joker Troupe has to offer, but it is well worth diving in deep. Let’s do it.

At first glance, Joker Troupe appears pretty straight forward with just 4 reels and 3 rows - but looks can be deceiving. The background glistens nicely, and the overall visual effect is of a modern fruit slot with jokers. Then, the audio kicks in and you are instantly taken somewhere. Where? How about an early morning set at Café del Mar as the sun rises? Perhaps that is overdoing it, but it is a sweet soundtrack, and one that tees up a solid gaming session nicely.



During the base game 10 paylines come into play, though this expands during one of the extra features. Players of all types will find a bet that suits their bankroll from 20 c/p up to £/€200 per spin. Push Gaming have programmed Joker Troupe with a generous RTP of 96.68% and a volatility level that appears to be slightly more gentle compared to some of the other recent releases, and which allows for nicely timed feature drops and satisfying payouts.

A trip to the paytable reveals just 6 base game symbols which are unique but retain a touch of their fruit slot origins. Moving up from the lower end we get a couple of red and blue orbs, star fruit, dragon fruit, and some dice. The bright red and gold infinity symbol is the most valuable base game symbol worth 100 times the stake for four of a kind. Already, Joker Troupe is looking good with these symbol returns, but pour on the features, and the game gets absolutely bonkers.



Joker Troupe (Push Gaming): Features

You know those reviews where they say that the slot in question is jam-packed with features that need to be seen first-hand to comprehend? Well, buckle in because it's going to be one of those rides. It all revolves around the troupe of jokers that give the slot its name. There are three of them - Green, Blue, and Red which all possess their own unique feature and which will come into play when you land 3 of the respective joker scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4.

The Blue Joker feature starts with 3 respins that contain Blue Hats and Red Joker symbols. Three might not sound like much, but they can be reset again and again to extend the round. The goal of this bonus game is to land as many hats as possible, and three of them, or three Red Joker symbols add another reel to the grid and increase the multiplier. The multiplier starts at x1, and can go as high as x25. When the respins come to an end, the blue hats on the reels reveal values that have the multiplier applied to them and paid out. At the end of the feature the grid returns to its standard 4x3 size. If however, the feature ends with three Red Joker symbols on the reels, then the Red Joker Free Spins are launched (more on that later).

The Green Joker Wheel is triggered when three Green Joker Symbols land. The wheel is split into 14 segments - 2 booster wedges and 12 number wedges. If the wheel stops on a number wedge, the player is awarded that number multiplied by their stake, and the wedge goes dark. If the wheel stops on a darkened wedge, the game comes to an end. If the wheel lands on a Booster wedge, players earn a x2 multiplier, or a 5x multiplier, or a ticket to the Red Joker Free Spins feature. The great thing is that multipliers are not added but multiplied together. So, for example, if it is currently on x4 and a x5 lands the total comes to x20 rather than x9.

Some people like to slow down at the end of a ride, others want to inject the nitrous oxide. Joker Troupe goes for the latter option by arming the Red Joker Free Spins feature with Hypermode™ spins. This bonus game starts with a timer and 20 seconds on the clock. Reels spin at a blistering speed, and the goal is to land as many combos as possible. Any Red Joker symbols that land fill a meter and award 10 more seconds when it is full. With each reset, the speed is cranked up further, and more infinity symbols are added to the reels. The clock is able to reset endlessly.



Joker Troupe (Push Gaming): Verdict
Apologies if your head is spinning right now. It's a lot to take in and best seen in the flesh to fully absorb everything. It is well worth doing so too because Joker Troupe is a great game. Push Gaming have created something that is simple, yet rewardingly complex at the same time. In fact, it can look deceptively basic when it first loads, but give it time to find its groove. Joker Troupe is not quite as volatile as the previous release Razor Shark, or so it seems to us at least, so bonus rounds drop quite frequently. The wait for them is totally worth it too because along with the exhilaratingly tense ride comes a max payout of up to 25,000 times the stake.

Even without that huge potential, Joker Troupe would still be immensely satisfying. It's a game you just want to play. Special call out has to be made to Push Gaming’s audio department. The soundtrack mixes house and trance with a Stranger Things vibe during big payouts perfectly.

The major draw is the features though. The pace, and the tension that they are capable of building can get deliciously intense. In particular, the Red Joker Free Spins with its timer and endless reset ability in Hypermode™ is a brilliant never before seen concept. Push Gaming is a company that famously takes its time to get every aspect of a game just right and it shows. The careful attention to detail, fun creativity, and big potential make Joker Troupe a unique slot that most players will enjoy.

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