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Land of Zenith [Push Gaming]

Charles Cedric

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Title: Land of Zenith
Developer: Push Gaming
Reels: 6
Rows: 4
Paylines: 30
RTP: 96.29%
Hit Freq: N/A
Max Win: 21,003x
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.10/100
Release Date: March 11, 2021

Play Now: https://k8.io/games/slots/psh_landofzenith

Land of Zenith: Slot Overview
Developer Push Gaming famously takes their time to fine-tune slots before release to ensure each element is just how they like it. That being the case, it has been some time since we last crossed paths in the Mesopotamian deserts of Wheel of Wonders. From old world ancient history, we turn to a brand new one in a slot that has been titled Land of Zenith. Built around a retro-futuristic  theme, it's been expertly integrated with several smart extras, out of which the Hypermode mechanic is the stand-out feature.

Land of Zenith's theme has officially been classed as Sky Pirates, but there is a definite Steampunk vibe going on. This means players can expect plenty of gadgets, flying apparatuses, and quirky characters of the explorer or inventor type. Gaming occurs on a 6-reel, 30-payline contraption surrounded by brass decorations, including the all-important Disc Mechanism. On the screen’s periphery, floating cities hover amongst clouds as flying machines traverse between them. Aurally, Land of Zenith's music is quite subdued. It’s dreamy, yet a little too dreamy perhaps at moments where it would’ve benefited from a tad bit more energy.


Don't get too comfy in the relaxing ambiance though, Land of Zenith is as highly volatile a game as we've come to expect from Push Gaming. Hypermode Free Spins go properly mental when they've been wound uptight, as has been showcased in Joker Troupe previously, but they do struggle to produce much otherwise. With a theoretical return config of 96.29%, tripping to the Land of Zenith is possible on any device, where bets from 10 p/c to £/€100 can be set.

The game’s custom-made symbols have been divided into four types – low, mid, high, and super high. Lows include moons, planets, stars, and suns, designed like jewellery, while mids are data slates, butterflies, and robot owls. The premiums, meanwhile, are made out of three character symbols, worth payouts of 75 to 100 times your stake when six of a kind lands. Last is the sole Super High-value symbol, an eccentric top hat-wearing dude, worth 200x for a line of six. Helping to increase returns is a wild crest symbol, possessing the same value as the Super High symbol while substituting for all other symbols.



Land of Zenith: Slot Features

Land of Zenith uses a Disc Mechanism to trigger 2 bonus features – a Bouncing Mystery feature and Hypermode free spins. The Disc Mechanism is made from three independently moving discs, an inner, middle, and outer. When turner symbols land on reels 2, 4, or 6, they turn the discs in certain ways.

If 1 of the grooves on each of the three discs aligns, the Bouncing Mystery feature is awarded. An orb then shoots from the middle of the reels in a random direction. When it collides with a reel edge, a mystery symbol is created. Moreover, orbs may split into two, and when 2 orbs collide, they vanish and leave 5 mystery symbols in a cross formation. When there are no more orbs left, the mystery symbols reveal a random matching symbol for a win evaluation.

At the start of each spin, the Disc Mechanism may arbitrarily turn gold. If the Mechanism is gold when grooves on the three discs align, Hypermode free spins trigger. For this one, instead of winning a set number of free spins, you get 20 seconds of them instead. Whenever a wild lands during free spins, the reel speed increases, and the Retrigger Meter is partly filled. If the meter is completely filled, a retrigger occurs and 10 more seconds are added to the timer. Retriggers are limitless and, in addition, the first 4 retriggers remove each of the low pay symbols one at a time. Of course, playing without low value symbols to obstruct big win combos significantly increases your chance of landing massive wins.



Land of Zenith: Slot Verdict
Land of Zenith has a definite Push Gaming quality, and it's clear the studio once again spent as much time as needed until they were happy with the outcome. The result is that everything is finished to a high standard, from the graphics to the detailed game world, to smooth animations and transitions between different game phases. The grid setup might be up for debate amongst some players, but the relatively low number of paylines doesn't hamper the game's overall performance.

Hypermode free spins is what it's all about here, which are highly unique and no less intense in Land of Zenith than they were previously. They are crazy volatile, too. Some bonus games went absolutely nowhere, ending on less than 1x the bet. However, like Joker Troupe, a good roll is insanity squared when the pace is cranking and low pay symbols are blasting from the reels. In those instances, when you're on the generous side of the volatile math model, Land of Zenith is a pulse racing riot, not to mention capable of big payouts. The game sheet notes max win as technically 'infinite', yet as an indicator, the highest observed hit by Push Gaming was 21,003 times the bet.

On a less positive note, the steampunk theme feels a bit recycled, as if borrowed straight from Cazino Zeppelin. Also, Land of Zenith certainly isn't the barrage of novelty Joker Troupe was, although that isn't necessarily a bad thing. While Joker Troupe was a bit on the over-complicated side, Land of Zenith takes the Hypermode and runs in the opposite direction. There are some qualms in regard to the base game as well, which is a bit on the weaker side. The Bouncing mystery feature is, in the end, just an over-glorified mystery feature, and so the question begs whether or not it will be enough to keep players motivated during the base game grind.

When it all adds up though, Land of Zenith is a great game to play and the positives greatly outweigh any negatives. The build quality is exceptional, potential is high, as is the thrill-factor, and stomach twisting moments abound when Hypermode hits overdrive.

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