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Mystery Motel [Hacksaw Gaming]


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Title: Mystery Motel
Developer: Hacksaw Gaming
Reels:  5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 1,024 96.30%
RTP: 96.30%
Free Spins Freq: N/A
Max Win: 10,000x
Max Win Probability: N/A
Volatility: High (4/5) 
Min/Max Bet: 0.20/100
Release Date: November 19, 2020

Now Play: https://k8.io/games/slots/hsg_mysterymotel

Mystery Motel: Slot Overview

Developer Hacksaw Gaming adds to their rapidly expanding range of slots with the spookily themed Mystery Motel. There's no mention of it being part of their Pocketz Series of games, but it could just as easily be one of them. Mystery Hotel has the trademark Hacksaw look. Mobile friendly, it bursts at its minimal seams with charisma and characters, not to mention decent potential.

Played on a 5x5, 1,024 win ways grid, this mysterious motel is located somewhere in the nowhere, possibly rural Montana, or something along those lines. The oil painting-like backdrop depicts a misty, full-moon night. A few carefully placed brush strokes have created a desolate rural scene to host the motel. This is the kind of place where anything can happen since screams can't be heard out there in the weeds. The fun soundtrack can be though, laid back when the action is chilled, then going full Mos Eisley Cantina during more action-packed moments. Does Hacksaw have a live band in the studio? It wouldn't be a surprise after listening to this and slots like The Respinners.


While Hacksaw's games generally have a mobile focus, they can be played on any device and Mystery Motel is no different. Players can access a wide range of bets, starting at 20 p/c, rising to £/€100 at the high end. Volatility is also medium/high, while RTP varies depending on whether players make use of the bonus buy. Thankfully, for those who can't access these types of features, the default rating remains solid on 96.3%. Hacksaw mention the chance of winning a prize is 36.5%, so this presumably relates to the hit rate. Another stat you could label as quite high.

There are nine regular pays used in the game - five lows (9-A), and 4 high pay character symbols. They're a little hard to describe, but let's give it a go. First is a guy wielding a butcher's knife, a WW2 Rosie type, a sleepy desk clerk who is actually a werewolf, and a chic dame whose hair falls off. It'll make sense when you see them in action, kind of. As to values, premiums are worth 2 to 10 times the stake for five of a kind.

Another peculiar symbol depicts a green arm reaching out of a suitcase, crying for help. This is the wild, which not only replaces regular symbols to make a win, it also carries a multiplier of x2, x3, or x5. More than one multiplier in a win sees their values multiplied together, up to a maximum of x625.

How to Play the Mystery Motel Slot Game

The Mystery Motel slot features a motel that encloses secrecy in every fold of its eeriness. The purplish-gray background the reel set is placed upon indicates the time of dawn. On the screen's left, two crows sitting on the signboard of the motel are visible. Furthermore, their sound, having been infused with the subtle drum groove, makes their presence even more apparent. The reel is located at the center, framed with a series of lights.

The mystery Motel slot machine will let you enjoy spins with a minimum of €0.20 on stake, and you can maximum go up to €100.00 with a spin. Afterward, you can click the Spin button. However, it will also enable you to enjoy continuous spins through the Autoplay option like many other free slot machines for fun.

Furthermore, you can play Mystery Motel online free with 97.62% RTP, boosting your risk-taking appetite.

Mystery Motel Slot Machine Features

  • The Theme of Strangeness: This video slot machine is marked by a strong essence of strangeness from its top to bottom. It has been possible to make it surface even with the two-dimensional background. In addition, the overall color scheme of the game and the portrayal of gaming symbols are considerably responsible for it.
  • Special Symbols: A Wild symbol is in the suitcase from which a green-colored hand is coming out. Every time a Wild symbol appears in a winning combination, it will be replaced with a Wild Multiplier Symbol. 

The symbol depicting a car attacked by a giant octopus is a Bonus or Scatter symbol. A simultaneous appearance of 3 similar symbols activates the spooky bonus wheel.

The Free Spin symbol has a desk bell surrounded by a Free Spin emblem. 3 or more similar symbols on base-level spins trigger the Free Spin mode. 

Mystery Motel Slot Game Bonus Rounds 

Upon having multiple Wild Mystery Multiplier symbols, the shown multipliers will multiply themselves with each other to multiply the winnings with their total value afterward. In the free Mystery Motel slot game, multipliers get randomly chosen and can be any one of 2, 3, and 5. Wild symbols don’t have any power over the Free Spins and Bonus symbols.

The Bonus Wheel triggered by Scatter symbols has three levels, including an arrow, free spin win, and a multiplier. You get to go to the next level with higher potential winnings and free spins if a wheel stops on the arrow symbol.

If it’s the free spin symbol, the shown number of free spins will be given to you. Furthermore, if it’s the multiplier, your wagered amount will be multiplied by the shown amount.

The Free Spins round will bring you 8, 12, or 20 free spins for 3, 4, and 5 symbols. If free spins are triggered in the bonus game, you will be redirected to the reels of free spins mode with more wilds and multipliers. Upon attaining 3 or more Free Spin symbols, you will get 5 more free spins. This way, you can win free spins up to 10 times.

Mystery Hotel: Slot Verdict

Mystery Hotel follows on from Hacksaw's previous slot Haunted Circus. In fact, on closer inspection, they have a lot more in common than just spooky(ish) themes. Both rely on wild multipliers, and both offer a similar three-level bonus wheel of arrows, bet multipliers, plus free spin prizes. The two slots might not be exact clones, but they possess a lot of similarities. Even the tentacles are back. Where they differ primarily, is that Haunted Circus comes with a €2.5 million jackpot and a lower RTP to compensate. Mystery Motel, on the other hand, offers a better theoretical return rate, alongside lower, yet still respectable potential of up to 10,000 times the stake.

As to the presentation, they are dissimilar. Mystery Motel has gone for a quirky, humorous look. It incorporates elements which feel familiar from a dozen other places, depending on what sort of games, books, movies or shows you've seen. There's a bit of Day of the Tentacle in there, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hotel Transylvania, Star Wars for music, take your pick, it's quite the cultural magpie. Not that Mystery Motel is copying anybody as such, it's just fun to reference.

Once again, the power of multiplying multipliers is on full display. In Mystery Motel nothing can launch a win into orbit like having several of them transform the value of a regular win. Free Spins is where they show up in greater numbers. It can be tempting to try and back door free spins by shelling out for the bonus game. Sometimes this approach paid off, and up to 20 free spins could be won. Beware though; there is nothing more frustrating than dropping 58x to unlock the bonus game and ending up with an x2 win from the lowest level of the wheel, and the risk of that happening is quite big too.

Mystery Motel is a slot offering good stats, a pleasing package, and a bit of humour. It's like a user-friendlier version of its template slot Haunted Circus, though the trade-off is vastly reduced winning possibilities.

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