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Harvest Wilds 96 [Hacksaw Gaming]


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Title: Harvest Wilds
Developer: Hacksaw Gaming
Reels: 7
Rows: 7
Paylines: Cluster pays
RTP: 96.35%
Hit Freq: N/A
Free Spins Freq: N/A
Max Win: 10,000x
Max Win Probability: N/A
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet: 0.20/100
Release Date: February 2, 2022

Now Play: https://k8.io/games/slots/hsg_harvestwilds

Harvest Wilds: Slot Overview
It's hard to go a day in this business without bumping into fruit in some form, whether a lemon, a bunch of cherries, or a slice of watermelon. Vegetables, on the other hand, aren't anywhere near as popular, which made us pause and wonder why. No doubt, one reason is that fruit adorned the original slot machines, which supposedly awarded flavoured gum instead of money. With the current awareness of healthy livin', perhaps vegetables will spill over to slots a bit more. Just thinking out loud here.

One developer making a veg push is Hacksaw Gaming. We got a taste of the studio's culinary preferences in Hop'n'Pop; now they're making a stronger case in a game called Harvest Wilds. This one uses only vegetables as its pay symbols, without a serving of fruit in sight. It's set on a blustery autumn day, leaves on the trees turning reddy brown before they drop for the winter. Autumn was chosen not just to be different, but because it's harvest season, when growers reap what they sowed in spring, to gather crops in preparation for the coming winter months. A wholesome time then to also try and reap a few wins off the reels.


Harvest Wilds is played on a game grid consisting of 7 rows and 7 columns, a configuration Hacksaw has favoured of late. It uses a cluster pays system where 5 or more matching symbols adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically create a win. If playing the game in regular mode it comes with a default theoretical return value of 96.35%, or three other values if playing in one of the Feature Spins modes. Playable from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin, it may come as no surprise that this game is highly volatile.

Nature's bounty is expressed on the paytable, in part by its eight regular pay symbols. Here we find capsicums, parsnips, carrots, and pumpkins as the lower value quartet worth 0.10-30 times your stake for a 5-15+ sized cluster. Moving on up are aubergines, broccoli, radishes, and corn premiums that are worth 0.30-200x the bet for a 5-15+ symbol win.


Harvest Wilds: Slot Features
The 'Hopper' concept makes its return in Harvest Wilds, which might give you an idea of what to expect in terms of features. Here, hopping Wild Multipliers are the stars of the show, appearing in normal mode and in Feature Spins mode, which Hacksaw has added in place of a separate bonus game.

After a winning cluster lands, it is removed, allowing new and existing symbols to drop down to fill any gaps on the grid. If that creates a new winning cluster, the process will repeat.

Wild Multiplier Sunflowers
Whenever seed symbols hit, they grow into a Sunflower symbol as long as there is at least one winning cluster on the grid. Sunflowers are wild, meaning they substitute any pay symbol. Moreover, they also come with a starting multiplier of x2. Between cascades and respins, wild multipliers hop to a new position on the board. It is possible to have up to 4 Sunflower wild multipliers active at the same time, and if more than one is used in a win, their values are multiplied together. Individual multipliers max out at x4, so cumulatively x256 multipliers are possible if all four are used.

When water drop symbols land, they are collected in the Rainmeter located on the right-hand side of the reels – up to 5 drops can be stored here. When cascades end, each collected raindrop triggers a respin.

There are two types of fertilizer symbol as well. The regular fertilizer symbol increases the multiplier value on 1 of the Sunflowers by +1. The Epic fertilizer symbol increases the multiplier value of all Sunflowers by +1.

Feature Spins
Instead of a triggerable bonus game, Harvest Wilds comes with a trio of Feature Spins options, a bit like ELK's X-iter feature. Players can choose:

  • Feature Spins 1 – each spin costs 5x the reference bet and starts with 2 seeds. RTP is 96.27%
  • Feature Spins 2 – each spin costs 25x the reference bet and starts with 3 seeds. RTP is 96.38%.
  • Feature Spins 3 – each spin costs 100x the reference bet and starts with 4 seeds. RTP is 96.34%.

Clicking the bonus buy button toggles between normal mode and Feature Spins mode. Beware! Unless you deactivate the bonus buy mode, which is easy to do after a long bonus round, you will continue to play in big bet mode.


Harvest Wilds: Slot Verdict
One mark of an excellent vegetarian dish is the absence of any desire to down a hamburger when the feast is done. This is much the feeling provided by Harvest Wilds, which gets on with the job of entertaining folk without the need for fruit. In many ways, Harvest Wilds is textbook Hacksaw style gaming, mixing an irreverent theme with cascades, clusters, and some form of wild multiplication to create a highly playable slot. This also means there aren't many surprises, making it more of a step sideways rather than moving forward in a meaningful way.

Where Harvest Wilds deviates from their previous games is the swapping of bonus round for Feature Spins. This approach is bound to thrill some players more than others. One thing to keep in mind is anything possible from Feature Spins is possible when playing in normal mode; it just won't happen anywhere near as often. Naturally, having four Sunflowers active at the same time theoretically increases the chance of building a massive cumulative multiplier, and Feature Spins 3 was the most exciting way of testing the game. Obviously, it doesn't come cheap but is an option for players willing to go large. The downside of buying the "bonus" is that there isn't even a guarantee anything will come out of it as you need to land a connecting cluster for it to keep playing from the first spin. This is an approach that will most likely both confuse and alienate some players.

As to results, despite the satisfactory RTP, Feature Spins 3 had no problem fizzling out and going nowhere. On the other hand, it was occasionally surprising how long a single spin could be drawn out with the help of raindrop respins or just a decent chain of consecutive cascades. Toss in a few fertilizer upgrades, and the results can be productive indeed, up to a maximum of 10,000x the bet. We've seen Hop'n'Pop produce its max win, so it's safe to assume Harvest Wilds has the goods to do so as well.

Harvest Wilds is classic Hacksaw which combines innocent looks with tough maths, and big rewards on the right spin. The singular use of 'spin' being the word here since there are no free spin bonus games. The new Feature Spins concept is worth a look if betting bigger than normal appeals, but the lack of bonus round might dissuade others not keen on paying extra.

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