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Mines Dare2Win [Hacksaw Gaming]


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Title: Mines Dare2Win 
Developer: Hacksaw Gaming
Reels: N/A
Rows: 5
Paylines: N/A
RTP: 96%
Hit Freq: N/A
Max Win: 10,000x
Volatility: Medium-High
Min/Max Bet: €0.20/ €1,000
Release Date: August 2, 2022

Now play: https://k8.io/games/slots/hsg_mines

Mines Dare2Win: Slot Overview
If you want to change things up and play an immersive game that isn’t a slot, Hacksaw Gaming has got you covered. Mines Dare2Win is based on the traditional minesweeper, a game that you have likely played in the past. For those that haven’t played the original, the aim of this game is to avoid the mines. The more squares you pick without finding a hazard, the higher your payout becomes! 

When it comes to winning, Mines Dare2Win does things differently, as you can decide upon most of the factors that influence your game. For example, you can change the size of the grid and the number of mines that will be in play. As you select different squares and dodge the bombs, you can choose to collect your winnings whenever you wish. The minimum bet sits at 0.20 per round, with the ability to play with up to 1,000.00 if you wish. 

While the game does have a large amount of playing possibilities, the interface is simple and easy to use. After selecting your playing preferences, you can click ‘Play’ to start mining. With each successful hit, you will see the multiplier at the top of the screen progress. The more mines you have, the higher your payout will increase. You can also see the number of current mines in the top left corner of the grid.  

One of the reasons that Mines Dare2Win is so popular is the ability to play at your own pace. There is also an element of having more control over your bet when compared to spinning slots. Some punters will have a strategy to follow, while others simply click and hope to strike it lucky. Regardless of your playstyle, this modern take on a classic game is fun for all!  


Mines Dare2Win: Slot Features
There are only two symbols to remember when playing Mines Dare2Win. The first is a mine, or bomb, which you are looking to avoid. Diamonds are the other type of symbol, which will be shown every time you successfully avoid a hazard. That's it; they are the only two outcomes when playing Mines Dare2Win, making this game incredibly straightforward to play. Of course, you should also familiarise yourself with the collect button, as timing your cash out is one of the critical elements of playing this game. 

Bonuses And Jackpots
There are no bonuses with Mines Dare2Win; the amount you win is almost entirely up to your strategy and luck. However, there is a maximum win that sits at 10,000x your bet. This can be achieved in different ways, depending on the grid size and the number of mines you prefer to play with. With the potential to hit such an impressive return, bonuses are not really required. 


Mines Dare2Win: Slot Verdict
It’s a common misperception that all online casino games come in the form of online slot games or table games, like blackjack or roulette. True, the vast majority of them do fall into these categories, but sometimes there is an alternative option to what you've always known. The latest of these surprises is Mines Dare2Win, and if you ever played Minesweeper on your old Windows desktop computer, you'll already have a very good understanding of how things unfold. It's all about clicking on windows to reveal the right symbol, but having things blow up if you choose the wrong one. Somewhere in there, up to 10,000x your stake can be yours for the taking.
The first thing to note is that this actually isn’t the first online casino game of its kind. It would seem another casino games developer beat Mines Dare2Win to the punch with this concept. Mining Madness by Gaming Corps is a near-identical release, so while this will frustrate the differing studios, it at least gives you a choice to see which one suits you better. Hacksaw Gaming is the studio that released Mines Dare2Win, and they'll no doubt be brainstorming to see what they can release next that makes it to market first. Regardless, when opening up the game, you'll see something that looks familiar to an online slots title, but it is actually far from it. With slots online, you usually have a set number of reels and rows, but in Mines Dare2Win you can choose the size of your grid.
Before getting into how to play what you might feel is pretty obvious, let's discover what wagering options you have as well as how rewarding the returns can be. When it comes to casino games, this one has a massive wagering window. You can choose to stake as little as 0.20 per round and as high as 1000.00. That gives you a huge selection when it comes to how much risk you want to take, and if you get it right can lead to a really big payday. The most you be able to get back from a wager is 10,000x your stake, which isn't bad at all, albeit easier said 'to win' than done.

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