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Saga and MarbleX Partner Up for Next-Gen Web3 Gaming


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Two rising stars in the world of Web3 have announced a new collaboration to shape the future of blockchain gaming.


Saga, a blockchain startup building a flexible Layer-1 protocol, is joining forces with MarbleX, the Web3 gaming division of mobile gaming powerhouse Netmarble.


Together, they aim to advance the development and adoption of a new generation of games leveraging blockchain technology. The partnership brings together Saga's innovative protocol designed for gaming with MarbleX's expertise in delivering hit blockchain titles.


"MarbleX really understands what it takes to make great games with blockchain integration," said Rebecca Liao, CEO of Saga. "With their proven success engaging players, we see huge opportunities working together."


The alliance provides MarbleX with a robust backend powered by Saga's scalable chainlets architecture. This allows the flexibility and throughput needed for global gaming demands.


In turn, Saga benefits from MarbleX's credibility and reach in the $65 billion Asian mobile gaming market. MarbleX titles utilizing Saga's protocol can help drive mainstream adoption across Europe, the Americas and Asia.


"Saga grasped early on how to make blockchain infrastructure work seamlessly for gaming," said Hong Jin-Pyo, CEO of MarbleX. "Their tech stack aligns perfectly with our vision for mass market quality Web3 games."


Together, the partners envision a future where games fluidly operate across multiple chains. Shared in-game assets and seamless cross-chain experiences can take gameplay to new levels.


Saga is gearing up for the launch of its mainnet in Spring 2024, with over 320 projects in development, predominantly games. MarbleX is focused on multi-chain capabilities, acquiring top-tier gaming content and marketing globally.


Their shared goal is to remove the barriers between traditional gaming and Web3, unlocking new growth opportunities as interactive entertainment moves onto the blockchain.

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The partnership between Saga and MarbleX represents an exciting fusion of cutting-edge blockchain technology and gaming expertise. With Saga's innovative protocol and MarbleX's track record in delivering hit games, this collaboration has the potential to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape and attract a broader audience to blockchain-based gaming experiences.

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The synergy between Saga and MarbleX highlights the growing momentum behind Web3 gaming and its potential to reshape the future of interactive entertainment. By combining scalable blockchain infrastructure with engaging gameplay experiences, they are poised to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and the decentralized world, paving the way for widespread adoption and innovation in the gaming industry.

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