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Litecoin Hashrate Hits Record Highs Amid Flat Price


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Litecoin (LTC) has hit a new record for computing power on its network, going over 1.31 petahashes per second (PH/s) recently. This shows the large growth in infrastructure and participants supporting Litecoin, even though its price has not been moving much.


Launched in 2011 as an early spinoff of Bitcoin, Litecoin uses a similar proof-of-work mining structure. Miners verify transactions in exchange for newly created coins. The more miners join the network, the greater the total computing power or hashrate.


Litecoin's new hashrate high point shows its thriving miner activity and security before its next halving in 2023, which will cut the block reward in half. Despite growing strength behind the scenes, Litecoin's price has been treading water for months, bouncing between $50 and $80 while unable to break overhead resistance.


Some think Litecoin's stagnant price comes from its high correlation to Bitcoin's price swings, rather than fundamental drivers. Others argue Litecoin's strong hashrate metrics signal long-term viability, even if speculative hype is currently muted. With Bitcoin trending upwards lately, the market is watching whether Litecoin can finally overcome its near-term obstacles and join the ride.

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Litecoin's correlation to Bitcoin's price movements has been a longstanding issue, and it's interesting to see how it's affecting market perception. Despite the strong hashrate, Litecoin seems to be caught in the shadow of Bitcoin. Will it eventually decouple, or will this correlation persist?

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Litecoin continues to demonstrate its resilience through growing network activity, even if the price action doesn't fully reflect that yet. It will be worth watching if the coin can capitalize on this solid infrastructure when the market conditions improve.

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